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  1. The Methow Valley News had a brief article in print. It was a rappelling accident on the Methow Inspiration route on Sunday and was a young guide from NW Alpine Guides.
  2. Strange timing to see this bumped back up. The navy was doing a helo rescue in Mazama a few nights ago, so I expected to see some news from that incident. No word on what happened.
  3. Rain and thunder currently in the Methow so I think it'll be getting a good soaking up there. I'm optimistic that it'll stick to the current fire perimeter and shouldn't grow much at all this fall.
  4. If you use the "Wayback machine" you can look through cached versions of websites. I clicked around a bit and never saw an article from Marc-Andre but this will take you to some articles from Sky and Colin Haley. https://web.archive.org/web/20180107134605/http://cascadeclimbers.com/articles/
  5. Does this place serve literacola?
  6. Google Earth allows you to look through historic satellite imagery too. In Sept 2009 the lake was pretty low but all other imagery from summer into fall had it fairly full. I'm not familiar with the Buckhorn area but I'd imagine it slowly drains throughout the summer and in years with low precip such as this it winds up close to empty. Interestingly in 2009 there was a relatively decent amount of rain in Seattle, maybe the Buckhorn area was heavily rainshadowed that year? Here is a link to NWS Seattle's recent Twitter post about Seattle rainfall that I referenced.
  7. There was a lot of initial excitement about the Cascade Pass photos being a grizzly but it was quietly withdrawn as a grizzly sighting due to some additional clear photos of the same bear from a different person. Also NPS Resource Management folks typically work a more traditional M-Th/Fri schedule and aren't out and about on the weekends. Bowan Lake is visited quite frequently by the NPS aquatics program.
  8. Aw man. I never knew him besides his postings on here but just saw a news article and my heart fell. Condolences to all that knew him and his brother. He seemed like a class act.
  9. Thanks Matt. I have really appreciated your well written TRs. Especially when I'm sitting on my ass in the office counting down the minutes until I can leave.
  10. Load one will very likely heading past the 4 way prior to any ice cream consumption is occurring at Sheri's. I live in Winthrop and have been commuting over Loup Loup to Omak and have also been passing loaded log rigs coming over the pass at 6:15 or so from cutting that is occurring on DNR land on the east side of the Loup.
  11. What length poles and where are you located?
  12. Popular spot. Looks like some folks on NWHikers were up there after you lunger. Thanks for the TRs everyone. It's a Sefrit trifecta on 3 different forums. http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8035086
  13. I just refound these in the back of a drawer. Still unused with tags. Anyone interested for 120 bucks. They'd be a great climbing pant or for skiing with low volume boots but wrestling my Maestrale RS2s into them is a tad tight.
  14. I've got a set of Rab Ascendors in size large that are "Ebony" color. These are new with tags but I missed the return window. They'd make a great climbing pant for someone but didn't quite fit right for me. Here is a link to the pants from Rab. The colored pictured is what I have. https://rab.equipment/us/ascendor-pants
  15. Looks like "fun" May the snow return so I don't have to do some of these trips myself!
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