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  1. for sale Rab Ascendor sz L $140

    I just refound these in the back of a drawer. Still unused with tags. Anyone interested for 120 bucks. They'd be a great climbing pant or for skiing with low volume boots but wrestling my Maestrale RS2s into them is a tad tight.
  2. I've got a set of Rab Ascendors in size large that are "Ebony" color. These are new with tags but I missed the return window. They'd make a great climbing pant for someone but didn't quite fit right for me. Here is a link to the pants from Rab. The colored pictured is what I have. https://rab.equipment/us/ascendor-pants
  3. [TR] WELKER! - Whacky Wallow 01/18/2021

    Looks like "fun" May the snow return so I don't have to do some of these trips myself!
  4. Shit! They found my duffel bag of Sugar in the Raw!! (Who likes that stuff really?) I bet you are right and the rapid test they used had an issue.
  5. Kick ass trip report! This was awesome while I was drinking my coffee. Just as an FYI to anyone who may be interested Kelly Cordes has released his book The Tower as a free audiobook. It's kinda a pain to download the individual episodes but well worth the listen. https://kellycordes.com/book/audio-book-sort-of/
  6. [TR] Mt. Hood - Yocum Ridge Solo 03/21/2020

    Congrats nonbasketless on the dumbest post of COVID-19. May no one surpass it.
  7. Mt. Hood North Face Right Gully 11/2-11/3

    I'm sure you are keeping an eye on it, but the weather forecast is looking pretty abysmal for this weekend with 8-15 inches of snow forecasted at 9K feet Saturday night to Sunday as well as winds into the 40s.
  8. Beacon

    Like a moth to flame I'm drawn to the Beacon thread every time you post Ivan. Thanks for the verbose TRs and I'm glad the fickle finger of fate(gravity) didn't get you the other day.
  9. Good lord. Congrats on the climb and that sucks about the car. What a series of highs and lows.
  10. Awesome photos and nice work carrying someone else's shit out of the woods. I once found an empty bottle of 12 year scotch with the tube that I carried out of Nooksack Cirque. Talk about a let down when I figured out it was empty.
  11. Descend Burgundy Col without an axe?

    Be aware that there currently is a fire in Pine creek, one drainage north from Cutthroat Lake/Creek. If the Wine Spires area is not currently closed, it is possible that it will be soon. Okanogan-Wenatchee NF's Facebook page seems to have the most up to date information from them. There is currently nothing on their website. Here is a link to the Inciweb report for the Cutthroat Fire. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6054/ This will likely be kept up to date.
  12. lost LOST crampons, Mt. Adams

    I saw a post on the Turns All Year facebook page about found crampons. Hopefully they are yours.
  13. [TR] Silver Star Mountain - Silver Star Glacier 05/19/2018

    Driving down 20 coming into Mazama I did not see any on the main body of Goat, a smidge on the hill to the north of Goat Peak.
  14. Washington Pass conditions report

    Thanks Jon.
  15. Holy shit. CC.com has a photo viewer now! Whoever added that nice work!