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  1. Statewide Drought Declaration
  2. Keep the gate locked. No huts. No snowmobiles. Gonna have to earn your turns, or the place will be over-run, and the seclusion, so close to Bellingham, will be ruined. Imagine the shitshow up there if you could drive to the start of the switchbacks? Totally lame...
  3. Thanks Jason!! You guys are awesome!!!!!!
  4. Had a trip up JBerg with ChucK. Only time I climbed with him. Super-Nice guy, and a great couple days out in the Hills.
  5. Jannu North Face: "Round Trip Ticket" 2,700-metre M7 AI5+ A0, Alpine Style
  6. Thanks. The Google search link is bunko it seems, but I managed to find it typing in the url. Probably my shit work computer...
  7. Did Alpinist.com call it a day? I have been getting a "403 Forbidden" message the last couple times I have tried to check in...
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