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  1. Jannu North Face: "Round Trip Ticket" 2,700-metre M7 AI5+ A0, Alpine Style
  2. Thanks. The Google search link is bunko it seems, but I managed to find it typing in the url. Probably my shit work computer...
  3. Did Alpinist.com call it a day? I have been getting a "403 Forbidden" message the last couple times I have tried to check in...
  4. I 2nd Gene's advice Plonked a ski pole basket into a gaper on the Sulphide during a solo attempt. Super-mellow snow walk to that point. Caught the fear and turned around. Buyer Beware!!
  5. Please elaborate? Enquiring minds want to know!!
  6. GNARLY!!! Sounds like a Near-Life Experience.
  7. Sweet! And you hit the weather window!!
  8. Hello There! Even though it is raining like a MF right now, I am looking for partner(s) for rock/ice/alpine objectives. Prefer folks with experience, but getting out in general is the goal, as long as we are a good fit objective wise. B'Ham based myself, so local would be prefered. DM if interested. Thanks! -J
  9. Atta Kid!!! Fitz Roy Winter Solo
  10. Hade a partner take a ride down a frozen creek, hiking out on the North side after a failed October attempt. Very lucky not to get mangled.
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