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  1. Sweet! And you hit the weather window!!
  2. Hello There! Even though it is raining like a MF right now, I am looking for partner(s) for rock/ice/alpine objectives. Prefer folks with experience, but getting out in general is the goal, as long as we are a good fit objective wise. B'Ham based myself, so local would be prefered. DM if interested. Thanks! -J
  3. Atta Kid!!! Fitz Roy Winter Solo
  4. Hade a partner take a ride down a frozen creek, hiking out on the North side after a failed October attempt. Very lucky not to get mangled.
  5. My impressions, from the summit of Ruth, on August 22: Death. Good luck with that!!
  6. FYI Glacier Creek Road to N. Side of Baker is wiped out right now. 4mi hike to TH, road is clear of snow to there. Enjoy!
  7. Anyone willing to share their systems for Rope Solo and Aid Soloing? Specifically back-up knots and protocol, and rope management systems for multi-pitch climbs. Any info, really.... Silent Partner users able to contribute would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Sorry, but I gotta call BS on this one, IMHO. I would classify it as "No Fucking Way" from the cruxes in the top two couloirs, especially so in what I would consider "ideal" conditions for a solo.
  9. Gear For Sale! Located in Bellingham, everything listed is clean, bright, and alright! SCARPA Freney XT Boots (43M) Great boot for Ice/Mixed/Alpine. Very precise, very good condition, plenty of miles left on them. 4.3lbs $100 $60!! ($20 S&H) Patagonia Mixmaster Pants (32M) Comfy pants for Alpine pursuits. Good condition, home-made stirrups, no crampon tears, but small repair on outside of lower right leg. $100 $50!! ($10 S&H) Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Mint condition. $30 $20 (Free Shipping!!)
  10. Those guns aren't loaded, so I guess it's safe. Climb on!!
  11. Drew: Where was your first picture taken? It looks like a road or tracks down near the shoreline... Follow Up Question: In your experience, how much of the recent increase (seemingly) in mass wasting do you feel can be directly attributed to climate change?
  12. Dodged a bullet on that one...on a geologic time scale. We would have been obliterated.
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