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  1. The subtherapeutic INR study is interesting but not applicable because of the study design. Any time you hear the words "odds ratio" you must realize that no cause-effect conclusions can be drawn from the study. The change could be for many confounding reasons such as changes in activity, diet, forgetting to bring meds on vacation, forgetting to take meds on vacation, etc. Retrospective studies are good for spurring research, but generally not for making important decisions. Offhand, I'd say there's little reason to expect adverse affects from altitude or exercise alone, but of course as has been said already, a minor injury could become life threatening, and a more serious injury could be fatal. If you're hiking/backpacking/etc with a low risk of injury, I'd say have a blast. If you're lead-climbing, I'd reconsider. By the way, you would do well to have a look at all the lovely and unexpected drugs, supplements, foods, etc. that mess with warfarin's metabolism and trafficking in the body.
  2. Does anybody else find it fantastically appropriate that the 1 millionth post on cc.com was about an industrious urban snaffle?
  3. Maybe, just maybe, what people thought was floor 81 was really floor 82, and 81 was built empty with this whole plot in mind from the very beginning. Everybody would think there's no way to plant explosives without being seen, but really it was all happening on a floor nobody knew existed?
  4. not really, as it was reiterated to correct kimmo's personal viewpoint on what is best. but that would have been an excellent point, and added a whole new dimension to this discussion. so to wrap it all up, there's a lot of information out there, and you're paying a bunch of really smart people to figure it out, so listen to them and not a bunch of internet kooks or fear-mongering news articles. next?
  5. You're not following the thread, lazyalpinist, which is understandable. His conclusion was to get a Tdap booster regularly, and something about boosting Q5years. However, even one of his own links disagreed and spelled out the official current CDC recommendation of Tdap once as an adult, then continuing with Td boosters. So apparently neither of you read carefully. Not to mention that all 3 of his sources are popular news articles, which is really why the single scholarly article that went uncorroborated got us into this mess in the first place. You won't find the good ole stuck-in-the-mud CDC changing their recommendations on the basis of a single specious article, thank goodness. And your assertion that because the vaccine loses 15% in the first 5 years, therefore 90% of adults aren't immune, is hilarious. How exactly does that "easy" math work? I'd love to see that equation!
  6. It will be OK, kimmo, don't stress your poor brain with logic. We really just want to make sure everyone knows that you're statements are generally unfounded and should not be heeded as remotely legitimate medical advice, or better yet not even read in the first place.
  7. Kimmo, what exactly are you trying to say? I'm afraid I couldn't come to any of your conclusions based on the links you provided. Strange...
  8. wait for it... OK JUMP TO CONCLUSION WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE!!! Source: Kimmo or What I said. Source: CDC, and therefore recommendations with clearly referenced scholarly articles Kimmo, you have no credibility and you're not helping anybody by blathering on and on
  9. Your tax dollars are going to fund a wonderful agency called the CDC, which ought to be your primary source for vaccine-related issues (most reputable sources merely repeat CDC recommendations). These are doctors & other health professionals paid to look out for your & the country's best interest. Sure, nobody's perfect, but at least their stated agenda is helping you be healthy, instead of promoting a return to the dark ages. Reap the benefits of your dollars and check them out! And next time somebody bashes vaccines, take note of their age. Most likely you will find a younger person with a huuuge blind spot for history. Old people remember these diseases used to strike down the health or even the lives of friends & family. "I'm not trying to argue with that," these spring chickens will say. Well, what exactly ARE you trying to say then? "I am so smart, look at me, I disagree with a world of experts in the subject! Some of the great scientific advances were made by disagreeing with a world of experts!" And who were these bold figures in history? "Experts in their own right!" And you are... "Pretty good at google!" There, kimmo, I just saved you an argument with me.
  10. It's quite reasonable to argue that the earth is flat, as long as you don't look too far. Keep up the reasoning with ignorance for seasoning, kimmo! And for the rest of you, keep your kids vaccinated & get a Tdap instead of Td next time if you've not had a pertussis vaccine since childhood, thought you don't need to boost with Tdap every time as was mentioned earlier in the thread. If you have frequent contact with kids under 1 year or are a new mother, you should get a Tdap now (instead of your next booster if you've never had it). The bottom line is vaccines save lives & reduce morbidity, with a fantastically low rate of side effects, which do not include autism. End of story.
  11. I'm looking to outfit my wife for some ski-backpacking, so if anybody has preferably metal-edged ski's that would work for a 5'6" woman, let me know. Poles would be a plus. Tri-city area or Omak preferable for ease of transaction, otherwise we'll see what we can do.
  12. all the shots to the head proves is that the Israelis are well trained. where would you shoot someone 5 feet away from you trying to kill you if you don't know whether they've got a flak jacket on? have you never played counterstrike???
  13. Interesting story, Marc. Way to handle it! For a short trip to the car/hospital, a nice tourniquet will do the job. However, if a long wait is in store before help arrives, it would be best to poke around until you can find the pressure point to stop the artery in question, rather than cut off the entire circulation. Also position the victim with his leg as high as possible above the heart to lower the pressure in the gusher. Eat and drink plenty to keep hydrated and replace volume in lieu of an IV. This could save a limb that would be otherwise lost with a long-term tourniquet. It's how they castrate sheep, after all! However, if you're unsuccessful at stopping the bleeding, losing a limb is better than losing your life.
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