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  1. Marc was just an easy example. I am totally keen on the respect of others routes. Just commenting as the whole outing thing and then rule making was seemingly awkward but the last few posts by the parties actually involved cleared things up a little. Let me be clear, definite kudos to the developers in regard to vision, time and money invested as well as climbing way harder than I ever will being myself a master of mediocrity. Good on you all and cheers!
  2. I should carry no weight, shit I cannot spell or even pick the right you as in your not you're. I shoulda done got me one of them edumacations. I don't need proof anyway because everyone knows if it is on the infernets it must be true....right?
  3. And we know you really did it youre stated time by what proof? Are we not gentlemen (okay I am using the term loosely) and take eachothers word as such?
  4. Exactly. and say someone did go free it first, aside from calling the person an asshole and such what are you really going to do? No disrespect but the whole so and so can try or any other locals but not you Leclerc because you don't have a star on your belly (Dr Suess - being a new dad has skewed my references) is kind of funny in a ridiculous way. But hey whatever - I am not good enough to do it and I really don't care all that much about who gets it.
  5. Dude, I read some of the tr's on here - such as the free ascent of Thin Red Line and realize I am still retarded. The stuff I am doing hardly seems worthy. Then again we did't have the internet to spray about upon, when we were starting out.
  6. F**K Rob did you HAVE to take it there? Well, I guess you did. You know, you can not unsee things. Thanks?
  7. Dude you are nailing the Static! Being a lover of slabs I really need to get out there and away from the D-town treats. Time to try some more flavors. The flake looks killer. Thanks for another gret TR and the photos. Keep sending!
  8. Great Photos! Looks like a really sweet trip. Cheers!
  9. Mt Erie in Anacortes is a prime beginners spot with ample top roping opportunities and campground are not too far away. There is plenty of basic info online for both camping and climbing in the area. It is about a one hour drive from Everett to Erie. I think Gene is on to something with the Marymoor and Mounties ideas as well.
  10. What else can I say Dan but - Always a pleasure reading your reports - literary or not. Too bad about the head cam. I have a feeling that when you say "-- it's pretty fucking scary..." that it would probaby make us mortals lay down and cry like wee baby men.
  11. Man, readthe write up! That is freaking great stuff. Bad ass and great bragging rights for doin the sidewalk mutiple times and with the extra gear. Damn! Thank you for sharing that. Sweet! I have to throw some kudos out to my buddies on their behalf - You mentioned the road work and parking area stuff. Smedley of the Mountains and a few other buddies did that work a few weeks back the day after we climbed Westward Ho and camped out. They moved all the boulders out of the slides and did a good amount of brushing and firpeit construction. Again great effort and thanks for sharing the details. Cheers!
  12. Great job on the trail work. I have noted the October date and I will try and make it. I may even bring help. Now the above quote is something I would like to hear more about. Tyson
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