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  1. I'm looking for a climbing partner in the Skagit County area. I am currently residing in Burlington. I have experience leading sport 5.10/5.11 and trad (up to 5.10), but would call myself a novice/intermediate trad leader. I prefer multi-pitch trad climbs, but am mostly looking for a cragging partner at Mt. Erie, Darrington, and anywhere else around the area. I would dig getting into some alpine climbs in the area, but am currently limited to duration due to having a young kid (< 1 year old) kicking around the house. Prost!
  2. Great TR Kenny! Good reading, though sadly lacking of said yoga instructor! Glad to hear the route went and you got back in one piece! Prost!
  3. GONE

    I'd be interested in the Cassin picks and adze. I have a set of the x-files tools. I'm in Vancouver, WA. I'll send a PM
  4. [TR] Trout Creek - 4/9/2011

    I've been hoping to get there since moving back to SW WA. Great stuff!
  5. Mt Adams late May/early June

    I'd be down to climb the south route. I am currently residing in woodland and have a pretty flexible schedule. I would like to get up soon, but the weather has been pretty awful in SW WA.
  6. Mt Hood via South Side (5/1 or 5/2)

    I'll send you an email. I would be down!
  7. [TR] Dragontail - NE Couloir 2/19/2011

    Beautiful photos! Great looking trip!
  8. flying with climbing gear?

    I have had no problem traveling with chalk. I ziplocked it all and tend to push the limits on the size of my carry on bag. If you bring axes they have to be checked. Other than that, all is okay.
  9. Steph- Here's to a speedy recovery!

    Steph, It's great to see your spirits are up! Well done quitting the narcotics cold turkey! Ironic about that hardware in the leg! It certainly does resemble a nut tool Godspeed! Dave
  10. Looking for regular WA climbing partners

    I am available most weekends and am living north of Spokane. I am working up to leading trad this season, but have led up to 5.10 sport. I have the lungs for long slogs and really want to get on some mixed routes, but to this point have only done pure rock, scrambling, and glacial travel. I would definitely like to mix it up. If you are interested, we could meet up in Spokane after work next week (Aug 5). I have a meeting that will bring me down. If the weather is good, how about a little cragging near spokane?
  11. Mt Hood July 21

    I am going to be in the Portland/Van area from the 21st through the 25th and am hoping to head up Adams or Hood. I could climb any of the three days; 22, 23, or 24. What route were you looking at?
  12. [TR] Gunsight Peak - S Face 6/17/2010

    Beautiful trip man! Thanks for taking so many photos.
  13. Rainier this Spring?

    I too am interested! PM en route!
  14. NE Oregon Cragging

    Anybody down for some cragging in NE OR? I am in La Grande until Thursday and am hoping to check out Spring Mountain. I have heard that is pretty fun crag and doesn't receive a lot of traffic. A link to some beta is here: Kevin Pogue's Spring Mountain Beta I have been climbing in the 5.10s so far this season. I have led sport up to 5.10, but am down to follow on trad or sport. I just need to get out climbing! Prost!
  15. Early Stuart Range

    I would really dig heading out there next weekend. Judging by your trip reports you have more experience and skill then me. What kind of objectives are you checking out?