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  1. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Anybody seen anything doable in W. oregon other than in the Gorge? Don't want to deal with the metro area. Anything in along the W foothills of the Oregon Cascades?
  2. Ice access, Mt. Rainier?

    I just looked it up. Climbing permits are needed for climbing above 10,000 feet OR "onto any glacier".
  3. Ice access, Mt. Rainier?

    I want to do some summer ice climbing on one of the glaciers on Rainier. What do people suggest for good ice with an easy hike in? Could be Serac or crevasse.
  4. Mt. Hood Conditions

    Very nice photo! Looks like you were standing on the hogsback to take the photo? I have been watching the conditions as I hope to go up late in the week. Were most people taking the old chute? Was the snow soft or firm? The last two days timberline had .6" of rain and I see the freezing level has been at about 8000'..... so I am thinking there are about 6-8" of fresh snow up there now.
  5. Getting into Ice climbing...

    You need basic mountaineering skills first. After that get a partner and start climbing crevasses and seracs on some of the glaciers in the summer. Mt. Rainier, Baker, and Hood have areas you can do this. Training: Aside from the all out cardio for mountaineering, do lots of pull-ups and strengthening your core.
  6. Cooper Spur, Mt. Hood, What gear?

    Thanks for all the info... After thinking about the possibility of the road being closed in June, the early sun the route gets, and the exposure above Elliot, I am leaning toward Leutold Coulier. I have always wanted to do that. Access from Timberline Lodge. And Yes, I will take several pickets and perhaps a couple of long screws.
  7. Cooper Spur, Mt. Hood, What gear?

    My idea here was an early start with the near-full moon. We hadn't decided which route to descend on.....but perhaps if we reached summit early, descending the spur wouldn't be too bad. If the road is still closed then getting up there early probably isn't going to happen.
  8. Cooper Spur, Mt. Hood, What gear?

    Wondering if those who have done this route could comment on the need for extra team gear (pickets, screws, flutes) that might be needed on a mid. June climb (this summer). I was wondering if i could use a few short pickets to protect us.... I have been up 4x by the south side route but not by this one. I will be going with two others who have had a snow school but no summit experience. I understand it is pretty steep at the top and the fall line is one of the worst on the mtn. Thanks,
  9. Mt. Baker, Coleman Glacier Serac-ing

    Great info. I hope to be up there Wed pm to set up camp. By what road do you access the Helio .trail head? Do I come south from Glacier on a F.S. road or N from Burlington?
  10. Sulfur Inhalation on Mount Hood

    Joe Poulton,did your friend say he went into a rock cave or was he just exploring between the ice and rock boundary? What was it like in there?
  11. Sulfur Inhalation on Mount Hood

    That's crazy, i read a report once that someone went into one of the fumaroles on Hood and died. Don't ever go into a closed space where that gas is. BTW there can also be Hydrogen Sulfide gas (rotten egg smell) but that is really bad. You can smell it in very small concentrations but as the concentration increases your nose goes numb to the smell so you think "Oh great, not so bad, I'll descend into here further" - the next thing you know you can't move because you have been breathing poison gas - then you die.
  12. Hey, I am thinking of setting up camp come this summer for four or five days of tooling around on Coleman. I would like a place from which to access varying types of day climbing. Serac, crevasses of various pitch/difficulty, top roping and leading, and route finding practice. When I look at photos and a topo map it looks like around 5,000' near Heliotrope creek might offer dry ground for camping and easy glacier access. Does anyone know if this is true or would others have better suggestions? I have spent quite a bit of time doing this on Elliot glacier on Mt. Hood but would like to try Coleman for a change.
  13. [TR] Mount Hood - Cooper Spur 3/19/2010

    Thanks for the info.
  14. Rocky Butte: Bring protection

    Wow, thanks for all the info. I guess I have kind of diverted the thread to a new topic....... I really am thinking of climbing ice by fixing a rope (top and bottom) and then using a device (which is best?) with a leash that will move up the rope with me.