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Into the Wild revisited


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Got this is my in box today...


Stampede Trail rescue was teen's 2nd this summer

Published: August 26th, 2009 10:34 AM

Last Modified: August 26th, 2009 04:42 PM

Daily Herald of Arlington Heights, Ill.


Don Carroll, one of the two seasonal hotel employees rescued Monday on the Stampede Trail after a hike to the "Into the Wild" bus near Denali Park, admits he had been rescued earlier this summer, wearing only a hoodie and jeans, after getting lost on another hike. (That time, he guided rescuers to his location with a phone text message.) "If police see me (hiking) in the woods, they're going to arrest me," Carroll, of suburban Chicago, told the local daily paper. "The chief ranger said that I am a dumb fuck and he's not going to come looking for me anymore." In his latest escapade, Carroll says, he and friend Jia Long He got lost and separated from their gear after visiting the abandoned bus made famous in the book and movie "Into the Wild," about vagabond Chris McCandless' death from starvation in the bus in 1992. Carroll and He avoided "starvation" over the weekend by eating berries. Carroll adds in his defense that he did a lot of hiking in the park this summer that did not require his rescue.

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One of my most classic quotes I've heard when rescueing two girls from a river "HELP HELP! There are two girls in trouble!" so I go to run and help and she says ["Oh wait for the ranger!"] Which lol the ranger wasn't gonna do anything, so me and my bud had to do the ranger's dirty work. That's why self rescue is always my favorite.

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Josh, you don't get irony right?

Nope. I don't think so, you could expect me to go help someone, but some Rangers... well can be lazy, but some are good too.


OK Josh, we'll connect the dots for you. This thread was started by Mike Gauthier, long-time climbing ranger at Mount Rainier Natl Park, who posted a note about a goofy kid who got lost multiple times and endangered himself and others through his own stupidity. You have threatened to attempt to climb Mt Rainier and multiple data points suggest that you might make decisions just as foolish as the ones made by said goofy kid. Your post above is ironic enough, but the loop would really be complete if you headed up Rainier in your jeans and hoody and needed to be rescued by Mike Gauthier. Please post a TR on that outing.

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I remember reading a book about a a young man who started climbing with a club called the spokane mountaineers (not sure if they were a chapter of the mounties out here in sea-town)... He was about 16 at the time wearing jeans and rubber boots for the climb up Rainer. I cant recall the author but it was a notable climber but... I think that kid up in Ak should be eaten by a bear.

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How can a tubby ass 16 year old make any sort of legitimate criticism of park and fs rangers as a whole?


Im probably gonna get flamed for this but I have to say something...


Can you guys please stop picking on Josh Lewis? I know he's done some irresponsible things in the mountains and I don't have a problem with you guys giving helpful suggestions or contructive critism but why the relentless flaming? He mentioned in a previous thread that he is highly-functioning autistic and my little 12 year old brother has the exact same problem. I always have to defend and stick up for my little bro becasue he does some silly/strange things and get picked on a lot. I see from a first hand perspective what constant teasing and tearing down does to these kids and I don't like it at all. This is why it really makes me angry when I see you supposedly 'grown up adults' making uneccesarry, confidence destroying, destructive comments towards Josh and I would like to see some people doing what they should me doind: building people up, not tearing them down through mean comments and rude messages. Just had to get that out...

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I can agree with mark but if you really want to make a difference some one with extra gear would get that boy a proper set of crampons or boots. The other stuff like eat and drinking while you are hiking he seems to have figured out.

I am cleaning out my gear pile today.

I am willing to start the donation station.

I am not sure what all I will end up with but if anyone else is interested in pitching in to get the kid going, say so.

Letsroll, you brought it up, got anything to throw in the pot?


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I started it, but that is cause I did the same thing with my friends who started climbing not too long ago. Gave out my extra axes and crampons. Sorry to say that I am fresh out. Give me a couple of years I will have some more ;)


Have several old ropes but I would never give those out to anybody, that would be bad form.

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I can see your point Choada, but I also can see that JL is going to go out and do shit anyway.

I am thinking at least he could have some "better" gear to get started with.

I was thinking more along the lines of crampons, raingear, sleeping pad...the ultra basics.

I think that is a far cry from sending him off with a rack and rope and saying "go at'er noob".

I benefited from friends hand me downs when I got my start and I am sure more than one other on this site has as well.

Just saying.

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