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  1. Wait... What is this and who is Doorish?
  2. I will the next time I hear grown folks talking. All I see here is winning and bitching from a bunch of web tards. 12051 posts? Web tards? No offence of course.
  3. Size 13 Scarpa Inverno. I used these boots once on a 2 day ice climbing trip on the Baker seracs. There a little bit scratched (as you can see in the pictures)but nothing that would affect the performance of the boots. Good boots, I just don’t need so many. $125 or best offer.
  4. Good for him! We always take noobs to that route and watch them get the Elvis Legs halfway up.
  5. NICE! I didnt know you could climb that but after my last trip to golden horn i always wondered what was in there!
  6. The weather was really strang on that trip. It was the middle of Aug and we got 5 inches of snow. Thanks for the TR, it was nice to see what it really looked like. BTW i am now a really big fan of Mahna Mahna. Do i hear a new ringtone? Thanks!
  7. I have a tattoo on my but too expecpt it says "M M" so it looks like MOM when im standing up. Or when i lay on my back it looks like it says WOW.
  8. Naw im down with that, Im just saying i dont think that its belittling to call a trampstamp and trampstamp (im justing a ass) and Im not calling any tattoo on a womans back a tramp stamp. I plan on getting a "Ka-Pow" tattoed to the bottom of my foot this january for the MMA stuff that i do(doesnt mean anything but no ones really gonna see it). The triabal armbands never really maded sence to me because there a tribal thing and how many white guys a really from tribe? I think thats belittling to tribal folk.
  9. Thanks everyone. I cant wait to make it out, it all looks so differnt. Thanks for all your help!
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