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  1. I have the Crank Bros Acid 2 pedals on my Baron. They have been a great first clipless pedal for me. They have a large platform and I can ride my bike with flip flops if I want. I can also clip in a lot faster than my boyfriend can in his Shimanos and he's been riding bikes in a professional capacity for more than 10 years. And if I miss the first attempt on clipping in from a stoplight to get through an intersection, I can easily pedal through and just re-try on the other side. Haven't seen the Candys in person to compare the platform size. I'm actually almost ready to buy some lighter-weight Eggbeaters to replace the Acids (and will then likely move the Acids to my mountain bike).
  2. I have the Baron Nightingale (cross bike). I have yet to try commuting or touring with it but I did have Geoff build the frame so it can take a rack. But like he mentioned, I also haven't been able to bring myself to actually put one on it. I've been riding the bike a lot more lately because I'm training to do the STP, and I find that I don't generally use the drops when I'm going slow or around much traffic. (But otherwise, I'm really happy they are there.) I also had Geoff build mine with canti brakes in case I want to race. Coming from a full-suspension MTB with dual hydraulic Hayes, I have to say that the Pauls actually work pretty awesome. Hope to try it for a commute or two in the not-too-distant future but the thought of riding through Bellevue isn't very appealing. Loving my bike, though.
  3. Here's something to warp this thread:
  4. Sausagefest was excellent! Great to see so many familiar faces ... and meet some new ones. :-)
  5. Thanks, but I don't think it could go down any further! Looking forward to the show, though!
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