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  1. Ex32/38 today.

    Needs a belay in the worst way. Multi at farside maybe? 2069499141 Kyle
  2. never mind

    ALERT: My icicle needs polishing.
  3. never mind

    I break from this site for like 14 months, come back, and find that not a single fucking thing has changed.
  4. never mind

    ALERT: Yes.
  5. New Girl

    I climb with twenty five daisy chains girth hitched together.
  6. 04.07.12 Accident at Exit 38

    Is this on one of the routes downhill from Endless? Any word on whether it was climber error or equipment failure? Hope she recovers quickly and back to 100%.
  7. seattle transplant

    Email sent.
  8. Noticed bolts on the small cliff band on the way to the tooth. Looks to house a few bolted short and sweets and one beefy overhanging. Any info out there on this stash?
  9. 27/28...Ingalls? Thompson? Cragging even?

    I need a belay asap.
  10. Fossil rock guide

    I heart fossil.
  11. rainbow gathering

  12. rainbow gathering

    I'd hit it...ponderosa cone to the pooper!
  13. S. Ridge Ingalls Peak Thurs 7/14

    Email sent.