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City of Rocks Memorial Day Weekend

John Frieh

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Here's some more more useful beta to keep your party fueled: As you probably know, the Almo Outpost quit selling beer last year.

But fortunately, the Rock City repair shop (located back behind the visitor center in Almo) is building an extension so that they can have a place to sell Pizzas, sandwiches, and Beer. They're supposed to have their grand opening this memorial day weekend.


(of course, because of that competition, the Outpost is going to start selling beer again later this summer - but it'll only be available if you're sitting down for a meal...no more take-out beers)


Anyway, the Rock City owners are good people (and they're originally from Vancouver, WA). They saved our ass a couple times after flat tires, so they're a good local business to support.

The turn-off to get to Rock City is in between the visitor center & the road into the park.


Get stoked. you should have an awesome trip.






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No, that's a buddy of mine on lead on it. I was giving the marathon belay when that picture was taken (some substantial hanging going on in the lower section).

I only did it on TR this trip, and even that required a couple hangs. that climb never really gives ya a break.

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Cool,I look for the dogs. we'll be arriving just when all ya'll are waking up sat. morning! Grrr driving all night!

Wow those pics are beautiful! City is such an amazing, enchanting place! Is that last pic of Yellow Wall? Its a fun climb. It looks like most of my party won't be coming in till Monday, so we're a party of 3.

Everyone drive carefully! See ya there! Bri

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I would think I-90 to 97 south and intercept 84 just past the dalles would be faster than coming down I5 to PDX. Mapquest will be almost exact as with the hour change to mtn time it comes out about right (as the mapquest estimate assumes you drive the speedlimit hahaha.gifyellaf.gif).

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