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  1. city of rocks 5/26-6/2

    hey i'm heading to city this wed. till the following wed. just seeing if anyone is going to be out there. My boyfriend works out there and i'm going to have days i wanna climb but he'll have to work.....i can follow anything and i lead 5.10 c/d sport and 5.9 trad (some 10's but that was at the creek). if anyone wants a ride i have an open seat as well.
  2. Trad shoe

    i heart my five ten mocs (once they break in) awesome on sport and didn't bother my feet (too much) after 6 days climbin splitters.
  3. Climbing around Whitefish/Eureka

    thanks everyone. had a great time at stone hill!
  4. Climbing around Whitefish/Eureka

    thanks guys!
  5. Climbing around Whitefish/Eureka

    i've heard some mention of stone hill outside eureka, any beta
  6. Climbing around Whitefish/Eureka

    Hey all, I am heading out to Whitefish/eureka area at the end of this week. I haven't been to that area in awhile. so i am wondering if there are some places to climb. Sport and moderate trad (although I am unfortunately low on gear). Thanks a bunch, brienne
  7. Funny TV Shows

    loved that show...not really funny but still super good.
  8. neck crick / tight trapezius

    But it would have had to be backwards, otherwise it would look like Sanskrit in the morning. haha. it wouldn't feel as great though. and i wanted it to be a bit more hidden then the forehead. great suggestion though.
  9. neck crick / tight trapezius

    two bars that go across...
  10. neck crick / tight trapezius

    these helped me to remember to relax my neck....
  11. Rack Pictures

  12. PDX Holiday Pub Club

    i might be down....but i have class till 8:30, will you all still be around there at 9?
  13. Storm Watch 2007!!!!

    yeah i totally saw that too...was the one you're talkin about in nopo?
  14. i have to quit sugar

    hey lady, i've done this cleanse a couple of times once for 12 days and i think once for 16 days....if you have any questions about it...it did totally squash my sugar cravings and has caused me to eat super healthy....about to go back onto the cleanse.
  15. What do you do for a living?

    summer: art camp director school year: art teacher at st. mary's home for boys moonlights as an artist, framer, teacher