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City of Rocks Memorial Day Weekend

John Frieh

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Sir Lance... aka the AntiDr Flash Amazing... by chance have you climbed the Doomed Crack?


I heard a rumor its only a 11b face move at the bottom and the crack itself is only 10d... truth?


A herd of us will be out at the free area... please consider gracing us with your great presence...

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See you there! snugtop.giffruit.gifbigdrink.gifwazzup.gif


Rumor has it there is a hot tub and swimming pool in Almo now... 5 bucks!


I wonder if a certain cc.comer will keep her bikini top on? hahaha.gifyellaf.gif




you know my motto: go naked or go home!

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Just stopped there on the way back from the creek. There was three feet of snow at the bathrooms at the Breadloaves!! One was being used for storage and the other was about 10 inches from the toilet seat....that suckah was FULL! The Crack of Doom is a solid 10 with an 11 move or two into it. Bloody Fingers and Beef Jello are good as well. I highly recommend the OW right accross from the water pump! It'll take four #6 Friends. Take a #4 camalot and a #5 Friend for the belay. You can walk off. It's 5.10 OW. There was no snow lower down below the Bread Loaves. Have fun and bring a belay jacket!

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if the noise from the group sites at the campground is bothering you folks, come on over and drink a beer with us. I think there's going to be quite the group of climbers over in the group area - should be a good time. bigdrink.gif See y'all there!

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Hey ya'll, I'll be over at the City climbing this weekend!! Hopefully it will be slow with everyone showing up next weekend. I'll post some a TR and some sweet pics for ya'll to Jonez on Next Week!! 85F and sunny... sounds like some PHAT climbing!!!

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