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  1. Cranio-sacral therapy?

    Has anyone here ever heard of it or experience it?
  2. Lead Bolting Ethics....

    Arouses motivation from the core.
  3. FS- Dynafit Ski boots-NEW

    New Gaia Dynafit boot. Compatible with Dynafit/Fritchi/ & Downhill alpine bindings Size 24/24.5 worn 4 times $500 obo. email me at cartmelk@gmail.com thanks, Kat
  4. My Book is FINALLY Published, Yay!

    Is the "marrital aid" chapter a supplement or does that come with the original version?
  5. Are these skis for the descent? I suggest the lightest weight plastic garbage bag over your sleeping mat. Sledding is the new hardcore. Imagine going down some steep shiza in Cham on a sled.
  6. do it yourself resole

    The Carpet Knight! My hero.
  7. Local Tieton Rats/Afternoons.

    Will use Pete's rope. Heh!
  8. Local Tieton Rats/Afternoons.

    Hey Geoff, give me a call. Monday, tuesday and wed. next week. Wildcat wall or Index.
  9. Bella Coola KFC

    Weird, I thought it looked like a big vagina.
  10. Congratulations to TROGDOR the BURNINATOR!

    Fuck Colorado.
  11. Mt. Daniels Road Conditons???

    try back in mid may
  12. Best (non-technical) Peak to do with my dog.

    I used to take my Husky up to Cathedral Peak. It is on the way to Mt. Daniels. Daniels would probably be good too.
  13. Roomate

    We have a sweet house in the greenlake area and are looking for a roomate. You would have the giant downstairs, murphy bed, built in bar, your own entrance. A big clean, dry, basement with a ton of storage. We are asking 375 + 1/3 of utilities, (no cable or anything fancy)and no lease. Give me a call (five oh nine)ate 33-8804.
  14. [TR] yosemite - various 6/15/2009

    I think he's trying to lasso el-cap.
  15. Shop Screwup question

    Freerides and explorers have the same hole pattern. There is actually one extra hole in the freeride plus, so more drilling shouldn't be an issue, They should have explained this to you. You shouldn't be worried about it being remounted, sometimes with light wood skis it is often the case that the screw strips the ski very easily, ski techs know how to fix this properly.
  16. [TR] yosemite - various 6/15/2009

    Wow. Nice job on the pictures and climbing. They are really beautiful pictures.
  17. Mount Snoqualmie / Phantom Slide approach?

    Craig, a skier may have said that to you because it is annoying when you are skinning and people walk in a skin track.
  18. Bolts needed?

  19. pirates vs. ninjas?

  20. 2/10: Dr. Andy Luks - Safe Travel at High Altitude

    Thanks! I'll be there.
  21. Chair Peak, North Face...

    Watch yourn rope knot don't get chewed on by badger, bear, and other forest critters
  22. [TR] Hook Creek - Exploration 9/20/2008

    Sweet looking pics Craig! Dirtyleaf and I climbed a bit up the blockhouse a few years ago, from the NW aspect, and it was just black lichen covered slab up top. I am pretty sure that other tower is crocodile fang. Dont you have a pic of me on the mole with it in the background? Or Liz on top riding it?? Anyway, sweet pics, I skied down hook last spring, it was great having it covered in snow there, much easier going down. climblikeagirl: Talk about common sense, it is misting, and a boulder field, nothing is going to burn that hasn't already, and I am pretty sure he's a chemist.