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  1. Lead Bolting Ethics....

    Arouses motivation from the core.
  2. FS- Dynafit Ski boots-NEW

    New Gaia Dynafit boot. Compatible with Dynafit/Fritchi/ & Downhill alpine bindings Size 24/24.5 worn 4 times $500 obo. email me at cartmelk@gmail.com thanks, Kat
  3. My Book is FINALLY Published, Yay!

    Is the "marrital aid" chapter a supplement or does that come with the original version?
  4. Are these skis for the descent? I suggest the lightest weight plastic garbage bag over your sleeping mat. Sledding is the new hardcore. Imagine going down some steep shiza in Cham on a sled.
  5. do it yourself resole

    The Carpet Knight! My hero.
  6. Local Tieton Rats/Afternoons.

    Will use Pete's rope. Heh!
  7. Local Tieton Rats/Afternoons.

    Hey Geoff, give me a call. Monday, tuesday and wed. next week. Wildcat wall or Index.
  8. Bella Coola KFC

    Weird, I thought it looked like a big vagina.
  9. Congratulations to TROGDOR the BURNINATOR!

    Fuck Colorado.
  10. Mt. Daniels Road Conditons???

    try back in mid may
  11. Best (non-technical) Peak to do with my dog.

    I used to take my Husky up to Cathedral Peak. It is on the way to Mt. Daniels. Daniels would probably be good too.
  12. [TR] yosemite - various 6/15/2009

    I think he's trying to lasso el-cap.