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City of Rocks Memorial Day Weekend

John Frieh

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I have no idea what you mean sobo....


Then you're obviously not Kitergal. Maria/Kitergal is a poster here, and let's just say that she claims she goes through a lot of batteries... and not for cameras and headlamps and such... blush.gif It's a little game we play here on this board. evils3d.gif

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Yo, we had a blast climbing at CofR on Sat, Sun, Monday. Climbed Bloody Fingers, Lost Pioneers, Animal Cracker, Thin Crisp, Rye Crisp, TR on Brown Flake among others. The park is in great shape as always and ready for some summer cragging!! Tell Burley (my home town) I said Howdy when ya'll pass through!! Rock on!! FYI- the pumps have not been water tested this year, so bring some water "cleaner" or plan on stocking up on water in town!! Have a blast!!!


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You just never get used to those days when you wake up to sleet and snow. 576555-cor011.jpg

We got a few climbs in before the weather crapped out.


Animal Cracker


Wheat Thin



Mrs. G and me retreated 300 miles south on sunday to Mecca, a boulderfield in Nevada and the first place not blowing/ snowing/ raining.





Disgruntled and unrested, we drove home and bought an air rifle to make ourselves feel better.


I built the shooting bench and she sewed up the sandbags.


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did anybody actually stick around to climb at all this weekend? We bailed sunday, climbed at Black Cliffs in Boise monday in beautiful sunshine (bolted cracks - i thought i was in Austria). i didn't want to leave, it was my first time there and the formations were amazing! BUTT the weather . . . . hopefully next time will be a bunch better . . .

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Sorry it took so long, homes. Been getting my ass handed to me at work.


Anyway, John, Lani, and I were able to get in half a dozen pitches or more on the Decadent Wall before the weather got shittay.


Me geeking out on a sporto route (Nipples and Clits):



Lani seconding the same:



John on FDC:



We got to climb some classics on the wall, but unfortunately didn't get a chance to hit up some of the excellent routes in other locales.


Gear: hot tub proved quite handy! Be sure to bring Hungarian salami to share with your tub-mates... HCL.gif


Had a good time, though the weather forced an early retreat. Cheers to everyone I got to climb with bigdrink.gif

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