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  1. Raveltik Demon Super Cup Ice Tools for sale, the 2004 edition. Used for 5 years. They climb water ice very well. Almost identical in feel and weight balance to a Charlet Moser Quark. In good condition, paid $260 ,asking $100. PM me if interested.
  2. Anyone up for this Wednesday or Thursday after work? The forecast is looking good so far.
  3. The North Face of Ratney is accessible via Lower Statlu Lake, so, yes, access is good. I have no idea on StoneRabbit.
  4. This does not affect Chehalis Access as far as I can tell. That road was already washed out with no plans for it to be fixed. The way in now is via Mystery Creek with doesn't go near the lake. The Mystery Creek way was nice and smooth last year, you could do it a normal 2wd car with low clearance.
  5. Fun Forrest (Exit 47), on the far right crag are two overhanging thin cracks. One is 11b and the other is 12b if I remember correctly. We hopped on the 11b one, it was quite good. Maybe 10 to 15 degrees overhanging and leaning to the left. Jambs varied from fingers to thin hands. Make sure you tape up first, some crystals in the crack. The 12b one is friggen hard, neither of us could even do the entry move. I forgot the names, one of them is called Clash City Crack I believe.
  6. It's 11a and not overhanging. That one move at the top doesn't count. How about Carnival Crack, overhanging 10D offwidth.
  7. Went to Peshastin for the first time in over 4 years this past Saturday. Had a really great time. The weather was perfect and the climbing a lot of fun. We did some crack lines and TRed some 5.10 face / slab pitches. It's too bad you couldn't lead these (almost no pro). The routes there are pretty unique and a nice change of pace. Thanks for the great TR and pics and inspiring me to go back.
  8. Nice job. Good writeup and sweet photos.
  9. My standards are hardly divine. I am simply against the precedent of placing bolts next to protectable cracks. Nothing more. Absolutlely. I love everything he's done. I contacted him directly regarding this issue. Let's see wht he has to say. Not true. I've done crag cleanup efforts, trail maintenance, helped with route development, rescrubbed routes, helped teach classes, and provided tons of beta and photos on climbing. Let's keep to the topic at hand - Go Cat Go at Vantage.
  10. By that misguided mentality, then maybe we should bolt every crack climb out there. Bolting crack climbs is WRONG, nothing you say will change that fact.
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