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Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!


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Dru said:

i beat up 20 or 30 americans today boxing_smiley.gif


Ah, ya bastard! boxing_smiley.gif


Climbin' not good enough for ya, eh?


Gotta bash some 'canos?


Sure. Let it loose, from your safe haven, pal...


rolleyes.gif Who would want to go to Chilliwack to pound your ass, anyway...

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I say call in the air strikes! Tomcat.gif Maybe some napalm to clean up some of those shrubby trails.


I was up there this weekend and didn't hear anything about this. If its true its too bad. But generally I've found everyone up there to be really cool. An RCMP came by the smoke bluffs parking lot last night around 9:00pm. We were having a late dinner with some folks that were staying. No questions just a friendly wave. If this had been Leavenworth I think we would all have been strip searched.



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Fence_Sitter said:

who wants to go to canada and show them what happens when they fuck with us? evils3d.gifboxing_smiley.gif


I'll be up there in a couple weeks...and I ain't hiding the fact that I'm an American madgo_ron.gifboxing_smiley.gif. That is totally fucked. What do all you peaceloving motherfuckers have to say now?

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Muffy_The_Wanker_Sprayer said:

Dru said:

drunken idiots are dangerous no matter what the nationality


right, trask?


I'm not trask but I hear that... especialy if you happen to be wearing a short skirt shocked.gif


You're telling me!!! shocked.gif

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