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  1. Banks lk

    A route to the north of shitting razzor blades, never seen it form this good, was great. It only got above 32 starting last friday, been really cold, no body out either.
  2. Banks lk

    Have not posted in a long time, banks lk is in and fat, lots of lines, get it while its here.
  3. Saying these routes are life threatening might be a little exaggerated, climbed most of them, yes there is some loose rock, but it is Vantage, no more than the rest of the routes there. Were they all necessary????? debate on.
  4. Ice Climbing Ropes

    I have a set and 60 is great, 70 if it was a single. 60 m is a long lead, and they will get you down. jmho
  5. Banks??

    Punchbowl is in, big deathcycles hanging down, corner route just pass salt and pepper is in, and a nice wi5 just to the north of that, where there is water there is ice.
  6. Banks??

    Not sure, frist one you come to down the powerlines, about a mile from the parking lot off road 5.
  7. Banks??

    Went out looking today, Quincy lakes is close to being in, nothing by sun lakes, A couple lines are close at pee wees, everything else is dry, we need snow..
  8. City of Rocks, ID - June 23-30

    There is a group of us going down 18 tru 24..
  9. aeneas valley?

    A mitch sighting??? Hope all is well for him..
  10. Gear found Vantage sunshine wall 2/15

    Still have it.
  11. Call to tell me what it is....509 3982655
  12. Banks Lake Ice

    Went and did some laps after work on clockwork orange,, ice is fat and plastic, was about 34.. Everything seemed to be good..stays cold at nite i think it will be ok..
  13. Banks Lake Ice

    Climbed Cowgirls, golfcourse route today, was fun in great shape. Started raining as we were leaving, lots to climb, better hurry..
  14. Banks Lake Ice

    Went and checked thinks out today, not too bad with the temps we had. Nothing is really in but lots of lines forming. Punchbowl will go, H2O2 is down but in rough shape. Shitting razorblades is looking great. If it dont get to warm will be good soon. Paul
  15. Banks Lake Ice

    Ice starting to come in, climbed first pitch of clockwork orange thin but doable,,punchbowl is allmost there but big deathsicles, if it stays cold could get good.