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Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!


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Normally the Chief posts their front page and main news items on thier website on Friday morning, as the papers are delivered. For some reason this week that didn't happen. Because the Police announcement was just a couple of hours before press time, they were only able to print the few sentences that I posted, so a link wouldn't give you any more information than what 's on this BB.

You can try the "contact us" link on their site (www.squamishchief.com) to ask them for more information, or just wait until the next issue on Friday 8th August to see if they report more.

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murraysovereign said:

ShannieRose509 said:

hopefully we will hear more on Monday.



Just so you know - Monday is a statutory holiday on this side of the border, so don't expect to hear much until Tuesday, probably. As you've seen first-hand, we take our holidays pretty seriously up here grin.gifbigdrink.gif


Oh, great!!! I'm heading up there today. Give me the skinny on what to say to fit in: "Happy statutory holiday, eh." (said whilst hoisting a fine Canadian lager, hiding my Guinness). If anyone reports the disappearance or death of a skinhead and a small dark-haired woman, that's me and TLG; mourn for us, would ya? hehehe


HEY MURRAY, can we store some stuff at Valhalla Pure Mon/Tues.? Might check in this afternoon if you're going to be around.



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No problem, Greg. I'll be here until 6, look forward to meeting you both.

I'm in the midst of some renos at the shop, and have decided to build some lockers in the spare (read "unused") bathroom while we're at it, so people will have a secure place to leave surplus gear. Charge something like a $2 donation to the Bolt Fund per locker per day (?). Won't have them built in time for this summer, but maybe for the ski season.

In the meantime, I can pile a fair bit of stuff up in the rafters.

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no, the young woman who made the comments was referring to her own behaviour when she was an teen. she explained that teens in squamish feel bored and according to her, get into all kinds of trouble as a result.


i commend the citizens of squamish for trying to find solutions that plague all communities--ie. did you go to the fireworks in vancouver?

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We did go to Vancouver for the weekend, courtesy of Gerry O'Neil & AAA Carriages, as well as the Westin Bayshore Resort & Marina (and many others)! We had a lovely time and would return to Vancouver again.


We were also reimbursed by the City of Squamish. The expenses totalled roughly $2500 USD. As far as I know, there have been 6 formal arrests and their cases have been sent to the Crown Council. That's all for now! wink.gif

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Kids are bored pretty much everywhere. Not really a good excuse for beating people up and causing property damage. I am happy to report that I spent about a week and a half in BC and Alberta, I was never attacked once, my car was not broken into, and I never was aware of any anti-American sentiments. Most people were very friendly and nice. Although there are some HORRIBLE drivers up there. Here's to our neighbors to the north (except for those punk kids in Squamish). bigdrink.gifthumbs_up.gif

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