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  1. I have a plan to climb the complete NR of Stuart, then Backbone on Dragontail, then Stanley Burgner, with full rest days between. What I don't have however, is a partner. If you're interested in this let me know. We could meet up and do a bit of climbing beforehand to see if we're compatible. I've done all of these mountains but only the NR regarding the routes. I'm planning for midweek is possible and will just try to grab a permit the day of. This has worked well for me in the past. My timeline is flexible as I'm a teacher and will have a lot of free time after June 21st.
  2. ANybody know if there's a shoe out there that has both ankle protection (like Sportiva's TC Pro) but also velcro closures instead of lace ups? I realize there are slight chances where velcro might be an issue with crack climbing, but I really love taking my shoes off while belaying and I want some ankle protection when trad climbing. I've looked around but can't find anything. Thanks!
  3. 3Couloirs...Dragontail

    Anybody been up Triple Couloirs recently? I'd imagine it's thin but assume it might be in. I'm a 5 hour drive away so am hoping to wait until it's definitely in, to make the drive. Thanks!
  4. Anybody been up Lethould Lately?

    Any idea how long it took you from parking lot to summit?
  5. Anybody been up Lethould Lately?

    Next time for sure. Just looking for a solo day today. Beacon? Now I'm jealous. Dry?
  6. Anybody been up Lethould Lately?

    Just did the route today. I haven't climbed snowy mountain routes other than the south side of Hood in about 8-10 years. So I'm sure I'm not the best gauge of how difficult something is. I've climbed the route with a tool and axe in the past. I had two tools today and although I appreciated them on more than a few occasions I think a tool and an axe would have been ideal. There's some steep terrain on the Reid depending on how high you cross. Traversing below the rock ribs was a bit of everything, hard alpine ice, styrofoam, unconsolidated snow to knee high. Once in the couloir you can stay in deeper snow, or utilize more ice on the sides, whatever you prefer. There were a couple spots where it seemed like I HAD to be on front points, no snow to plunge into. Lots of front pointing on the route in general. Up top be ready for deeper snow from ankle to thigh, then some of that chandelier ice Hood is known for, before you hit the summit ridge. Had it to myself today despite a million people on the SS route.
  7. Anybody know if the Edelweiss ropes have good handling? Move through devices easily, etc? What other brands get high marks in longevity and handling these days? Anybody used the new Black Diamond ropes? Thanks
  8. BEACON ROCK partner wanted

    Anyone want to do some moderates and a bit harder at Beacon? I climbed the Corner the other day and that was my first introduction to Beacon. Sweet place. I'm a solid climber looking to get back into climbing after years of kayaking, biking, and running. Let me know if you want to get out. Looking forward to the routes under 5.10 and working my way up to climbing 5.10 trad as I did years ago.

    I'm in Camas, WA, looking for partners to climb in the mountains. Outer Space the weekend of Sept 10th or 17th if the weather is good? Honestly, I'm looking to get back into climbing after a long hiatus. I'm 40, super solid head game but have been kayaking, biking, and running for the past 10 years. I climbed the WR of Prusik last year and have done some cragging. I really want to get back to the alpine world. In the past I've climbed a lot of routes in the Cascades up to 5.10 trad. Now I should likely do some more moderate climbs to get back in shape. I can hike and run all day but need to get on some stuff like Stuart or Outer Space or things like that to get back into placing gear and using the climbing muscles. I'm a good communicator and won't sandbag anyone into getting on something I'm not ready to climb. Who wants to take a chance? I haven't fished around for partners in a long time. I'm hoping to meet some local climbers that can become somewhat regular climbing partners. Feel free to text me: three six 0 eight 2 3 6 6 six 4 Jarred
  10. WILD THINGS Andinista L

    Tried to delete but couldn't. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a great pack and it's in great shape. CHEAP! $150 http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/spo/5565686145.html

    If you know these packs then you don't need much explanation. They're bombproof, lightweight, huge carrying capacity 5000 cu in I think. I'll post or send pics if people need them. I just don't have any currently. Pack is virtually untearable. It's yellow. Read about them online. They retail for $385. This one is in amazing shape. Includes hip belt and lid. PRICE: $165
  12. Hey all, I'm looking to get up to Snow Crk Wall as I loved climbing there years ago but haven't been on those beautiful Outer Space cracks in years. I have summers off (teacher) so am flexible. I live in Camas so it's a drive for me. I'd likely stay most of the week to make the drive worth it. I use to climb a lot and was solid on 5.10 in the mtns. These days I'm more of a lead 5.9 follow the rest type of guy since I paddle and bike more than climb. I'm safe and you won't have to slow down for me. Let's get out there and get on those amazing cracks! 360.eight two 3.6 six 6 four
  13. [TR] The Enchantments - In a Day 6/29/2014

    Definitely helpful! Thanks a lot.
  14. Torment Forbidden Conditions

    Do you think boots and crampons are a necessity on the Travers or do you think Guide Tennies and aluminum crampons would be sufficient? Obviously everyone is different. Thanks for any input.
  15. FS: Wild Things Ice Sac SMALL

    Blue and Yellow Wild Things Ice Sac size SMALL. This pack hasn't been used much so we're selling it. Been sitting in the closet most of the past 5 years. Likely been out 6 times. These bags are awesome for either backpacking, alpinism, or mountaineering. I don't have the specs, if you're interested, look them up online as I'm sure they're very easy to find. This pack is in great shape! You won't find any flaws. $125 Having trouble with pictures. If you want a picture, let me know and I'll text it/them to you.