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Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03


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I think it is time for the first official Bellingham Pub Club. We have many fine venues up here. They range from only a little seedy to way seedy. Oh yeah, we have yuppy fuk fuk too. And a decent brewery. Out of towners can pitch a tent in my back yard. I may even pick up some of the dog shit. So, Hamsters, when and where? Beaver (free popcorn), Next Wed?


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A little history lesson:

My mind drifts back to a time not so long ago, yet somehow a different age.

The year: 2001. Back in the old days of Pub Club...back before Dave mistakenly added an "e" to the word "Pub", back when Beck was the unofficial greeter, back when the now familiar names and faces were not yet familiar. There were advocates for rotating the weekly beer-fest to various locations such as Tacoma and the "eastside". There was lots of jousting but order was eventually maintained...barely. On one occasion, Tacoma was being by-passed in the rotation and I pointed that out. In response, I was called a BIG BABY FOR FIGHTING ABOUT WHERE TO DRINK BEER!!!! A pretty tame scenario for the situation now, where there is a weekly tussle, much more strident than those back in the early days. Also, Tacoma is pretty much out of the loop now because the last two "events" were attended by only two locals, while meanwhile, even people in Ballard were fighting for a bar, a block or two closer to their own homes.

One thing hasn't changed...some of the lovely girlies, who seem to pull more influence because they are lovely girlies, can still propose pub-club venues and then not show up.

What a country!



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Uh, dwayner, I'll have you know that I was definately at the pub club _I_ called at the Dexter and Hayes (even though I was on call and had to dring ginger ale), I even bought a couple pitchers and nachos. Where were you?


re: rotating pub clubs. I think it was kind of decided that if pub clubs were not being attended, then we should have them at places that get attended. bigdrink.gifgrin.gif

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