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  1. Awesome looking corner. Maybe look for recent pics from TR's of ski descents of the Slot Couloir for potential conditions info.
  2. Cooking in a tent takes care of the wind (most of the time). For cold temperatures a good hanging kit saves space, and hard to spill. Temperature inside the tent at hanging stove height takes care of the cold issue after a few minutes. Direct flame from lighter under the fuel can (or warm hands) gets it going quickly. Same "tricks" for altitude.
  3. Dave says topo's are aid. Good times up there Mr. Evans. A real treat for me to hang with, and watch David (the tooth fairy) Whitelaw at work.
  4. Wow! I was there years ago with Mr. Beckey. I'm tired of the WA Pass drive, and with all these good anchors think I'm past due for a return trip. Thanks for the gifts DavidW.
  5. Mt Stuart West Ridge question

    a somewhat unprotected traverse left it's the way I've been. This is south of the crest, and leads to the small notch accessible via the north side option. about 5.7 Anyone know if there has been a rockfall on the last pitch in the last several years? The pitch leading to the summit, from the ledge on the south side.
  6. Yes, very nice. Congrats! Neat to see you move so quick over so much mtn., and way out there style or advanced.
  7. not repeated because it's too hard
  8. West Face NEWS rappel route

    Agree with Matt P. and Offwhite. Would something like this make sense on snow cr. wall?
  9. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Backbone with Fin 7/14/2013

    thumbs up, and crank it up.
  10. Austin Post, 3/16/22 - 11/12/12

    What a nice guy. I spent some time last night with the Beckey guides and was reminded how important Austins pictures were for my own climbs and dreams. for example notice how dramatic Elephant Head is in the photo on the wall behind Austin in John's picture. Thank you Mr. Post.
  11. TFT in winter

    OlegV says easier in winter