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  1. The cheap eggbeaters will wear out quickly if you used them for cross or in muddy conditions. I had a pair that lasted about two races. I switched to the candy 2's and have been happy with them Shimano SPD's are definately one of the more durable as are the times. I have some of both that have lasted a long time (10+ years) but I haven't found anything that beats the candy's for cross racing.
  2. What up Y'all. I got a bike co. now. Flat vs. Drop: I bet if you did a visual survy of commuters on the Burke or Dexter you would find about 2% actually riding in the drops. That said I still prefer my drop bar bike. Also, with the 'performance' fit becoming more common added to 10cm of steertube spacers and a upright stem for a comfort fit there isn't much need for drop bars. I usually only get in my drops when I'm racing. Pack vs. Panniers: I love the idea of panniers, especially when my back starts to hurt after toting my laptop and papers and other commuter crap. But alas, I can't bring myself to put a rack on the bike that I also train on on the weekends. Don't do disc brake frame conversions, they don't work well. Disc brakes are far superior to canti's and dual-pivot. THERE WILL be people who say "I get plenty of stopping power from my regular brakes". Well I'm sure there are people who will say they get plenty of stopping power on their drum brakes on their '72 honda motorcycle, that doesn't mean dual Brembo's are a bad idea. And people said the same thing about v-brakes, and hydrolic brakes and disc brakes. I ride 12+ hours a week all year round on both styles and for commuting and winter ride discs are phenomenal. -No rim slurry -Out of true rims are inconsequential -Brake pads last a LONG time -Less force to stop quickly (different than more stopping power) That said I still race with dualpivots dura-ace setup, but we don't use the brakes that much... If you have additional questions feel free to hit me up: geoff@baronbicycles.com
  3. Get out that tax return and round out that rack... All of the gear has incredibly light use. Some of the cams have only been place a few times. Email me at vonspanker@gmail.com 1 pair yates adjustable daiseys- $40 25 Regular Aliens-1 black- $30 $25 20 (not the recalled ones) TCU's-1 gray, $30 25 ea BD 3.5 cam- $50.00 $40 BD #.4 cam $20 1 BD rock hammer- $60.00 $45 $40 $35
  4. Bump. Get those last minute christmas gifts here!
  5. Index is a rock quarry. It's second to exit 38 as least natural crag in the state.
  6. consider them yours. Email me to make the trade, I fixed the address.
  7. Im getting out of the aid climbing business, so everything must go. Picture available upon request. The aliens aren't the recalled ones. Email me at vonspanker@gmail.com Fish Haul Bag- $60 A5 Belay Seat- $30 Metolius Shit tube (unused w/ wag bags)- $30 Mammut Supersafe 60m (no falls, used minimal amount of times, no trips to the valley)- $140 Eidelwiess Stratos 60m 9mm (no falls)- $110 3- Yates 6 step big wall ladders- $80 Assorted hooks, 2 logans $5ea, 3 grappling $5ea, 1 talon$8ea, 3 cliffhanger $5ea- $40 for whole set S, 2 M, and L leeper cam hooks- $25 Petzle pro traxion- Used 3 times-$75.00 1 set petzl ascenders (light use)- $60.00 for pair 1 pair yates adjustable daiseys- $40 Offset aliens, red/yellow yellow/green, green/blue- $35 ea Regular Aliens-1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 2 black- $30 ea TCU's-2 gray, 1 blue, 1 purple- $35 ea BD 3.5 cam- $50.00 BD 3 cam- $45.00 BD 2 cam- $40.00 Assorted random cams-Mystery grab bag $50 1 BD rock hammer- $60.00 Misty mt chest harness- $25.00 Set BD nuts (many doubles in small sizes)- $20 2+ Sets HB brass offsets- $50 BD crampons sabertooth clip- $30
  8. I'll sell you my A5 Single. I just posted it on ebay though cause no one would buy it. But you can 'buy it now' for three hundred and I will waive the shipping.
  9. This is still for sale. Time to start training in the rain.
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