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Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03


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Jules, jules, jules. You were one of the first people to suggest the Blue Star as a Pub Club location. Quite frankly the Blue Star SUCKS DONKEY DICK. You and Icegirl are in the most trouble for voting for a suck ass location and not showing up. Dave and Michelle are in a little hot water too.


All of you are banned from voting on Pub Club locations for a while.


Folks, this isn't Cali. Up in these parts nonsmoking bars suck. They are the land of uptight prudes. I know we all want to be healthy, but drinking at a nonsmoking bar isn't worth the bother. I don't really like tobacco smoke, but it beats the alternative.



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Good times last night. I guess I rode my bike to another bar and then home, so they say.


The new orleans has good food, my only question is whether the place is conducive to a large group of dirtbag climberz that don't tip well, just order beer, and linger for hours? It seems like it may be a little uptight and more of a business, get the customer in and out, type of place.


But if you know the manager than I'm sure it'll be cool.



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Dave, forgive me if I'm getting fuzzy and senile in my old age, but I seem to recall YOU picked Teddy's last week. evils3d.gif


Not surprised the crowd didn't care for the Blue Star, as convenient as it is to my house, I find it an annoying wanker yuppie fuck fuck fern bar, and instead enjoyed a nice glass of single barrel whiskey at mi casa.


The New Orleans is probably dirtbaggier than you think, I think we'll fit in just fine there. I'd also like to throw the Ballard Brew alehouse thingy place on Leary out there for consideration in the coming weeks. Lots of room for big winter season PC, cheap food, lotsa parking. Let's revisit this PC classic soon! bigdrink.gif

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Actually, he was very nice to her. We even paid our bill and everything, and Cavey was on his best behavior all night. He probably would have even been nice to Allison, had she bothered to show up. But out of the blue, the waitress said "you guys have had a lot of beer and this will be your last pitcher."

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