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  1. BTT with a drop in price. $600.00 shipped CON US.😵
  2. FS New (unworn/unmolded/hang tags intact) Dynafit Blacklight boots, size 29, $675 shipped. Venmo or Pay Pal if you pay the fees. Neat boot. Lighter and stiffer than a TLT6P Just not a good fit for my feet.
  3. still some great skis to be hand. Typical postage is $30.
  4. Nothing on this list I don't like for their intended purpose. Some I really like! All are lightly used. All have clean bases and generally clean top sheets. Please ask about the condition of the ski if you are interested and I'll be sure to take a closer look. Any ski that was mounted had a version of the Dynafit toe and either Dynafit or Plum LWT heel. All but the smaller pair of Cho's were mounted for a 317bsl. Almost all of them have been mounted only once. Pick them up in the Boise area for free (by appointment) or I can ship on your dime for actual USPS costs. Dynafit Cho Oyu for sale? I have two pair, a 166x87 and a 174x88. Both drilled once for Dynafit bindings, 166 pair were skied on for only 2 days. The 177s, I have skied on 3 times (I wore my first pair out skiing and touring on in the Alps a few years back). Good enough ski I wanted another pair. They are an excellent all around, very LWT, touring ski. $250 a pair Not this pair! They were destroyed Men's skimo race skis? Just what you need to really hammer the local Bogus skimo race series. Dynafit PDG, 161x 65 race skis. One mount # 317mm bsl. Little use. No dings top or bottom. Super light skis. "Each ski weighs just 1 pound 9 ounces. "Testers praised them in a variety of conditions. “On morning hardpack you can rail it like a slalom ski,” says one tester. The lwt weight, makes them ideal for long mountaineering approaches.” It’s made with carbon and wood in the core for supreme quickness and maneuverability. Neat ski if you want to drop some weight going uphill and still be able to ski down. $200 Dynafit Huasacaran https://www.backcountryskiingcanada.com/Dynafit-Huascaran... I have two pair for sale. They are fun "fat" skis and light enough to actually tour on. 196 x116 (drilled twice) and a pair of 176x112 (drilled once). 317mm bsl using Dynafit bindings. $200 for either pair. Top skin and bases are clean and no repairs. Pick up in Meridian or Boise area. Or pay actual USPS shipping to you location in addition to the $200. More here: https://coldthistle.blogspot.com/.../all-mountain-skis.html Dynafit "Speed Tour Series" skis. Equally good on the groomed slopes or in the back country. But the priority on these is how well they ski inbounds not how light they are. 2 pair. 96x176 (never mounted), 96x168 (mounted once @317mm bsl) "Dynafit Tour 96 126-96-110, 3kg/pair 176cm The Tour 96 picks up where the Manaslu left off. Like the Speed line, rocker is modest and a single turn radius design keeps the ski personality predictable. It favors a modest turn radius, but a light swing weight makes it quick to respond no matter what boot you use. At 96 underfoot, it has enough width to enjoy soft snow days, but its forte is its ability to handle all-conditions from and carving corn to wind buff to powder. The Tour 96 is a quiver-of-one for a range of conditions. In other words, its a ski for reality." Three more pair of very lwt backcountry skis. 2 pair of Denali, one (176x98) that has been drilled for Dynafit and a 184x98 that are still like new. (never drilled) and a pair of Blacklight 95s (172x95). 95/98 has been a sweet spot for me on Dynafit touring gear. I have yet to ski any ski more versatile than the Denali or as light for the width. The newer Black light is close. The 176cm Denali is 1247g per ski @ 98mm under foot. That is light! And these things ski exceptional well. My go to b/c ski since they were first available in 2015. And @ 200# I have never broken a pair even skiing them short. https://coldthistle.blogspot.com/2014/11/dynafit-denali.html The Black Light 178 weights in at the same old 2#12oz for one ski or 1247gr. in my 178cm length. Another go to ski for me recently. "Enter the new Black Light 95. The Black Light 178 weights in at the same old 2#12oz for one ski or 1247gr. in my 178cm length. All these skis are/were '95 plus under foot I found the Denali and amazing all mountain ski, back country, touring, even lift skiing. Amazing on ice and hard snow. Good for the width in soft. " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL5doNYWcn4&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1v9NinPUqw $200 a pair A custom pair Praxis SND Dice (85mm x182cm). Pick up in Meridian or shipped at your cost. Mounted once with Dynafit bindings and a 317mm bsl. Bases and tops are very clean, with no base dings. Both are very fast, solid skis. $200 for the SND https://www.praxisskis.com/skis/snd/ https://www.praxisskis.com/custom-skis/snd-custom-ski/
  5. Take a look in the yard sale forum. A dozen pair there and all of them in excellent condition.
  6. I have a good selection of thin pin sizes. Not sure about shallow angles though. Are you looking specifically for just SAs or just anything in similar sizes?
  7. New, old stock, bindings. $400 shipped priority mail. Pay Pal or personal check. I have two pair that have never been mounted.
  8. Dane

    Mt Borah in late Fall?

    You have been talking to Bob I suspect Great to hear you are in Boise. Nice surprise! A month ago it was a drought locally. Still a drought. So there might be some options yet. We need to talk soon!
  9. $400 plus shipping. Same condition as originally posted.
  10. still hanging here. $200 now.
  11. Anyone been in there this time of year? How about this year? Conditions on the N. Face. How's the approach gonna be right now? Thanks! Some old school goodness for the day Not my photo. North face of Mt Borah - January, 1977 (Photo by Frank Florence)
  12. Nice photos on the TR Nick. 5.9+? Not sure I have ever climbed it with anyone that thought it was. But grades change with the times. As Marlin mentioned above, the easiest approach for effort (I've done all of them many times over) to the East Face is drop off the saddle on the north side of Roothaan and almost immediately head right (east) on the climbers trail to the next saddle north of and below Roothaan. Go around and behind the ridge that will eventually become Chimney rock proper. Stay really high on the slabs on the east side of the ridge (some 4th class will same so serious effort) that eventually leads to Chimney rock proper. Only reason I could ever see to come in the Pack River road was if you lived in Sandpoint. How about a couple more photos you The crux on 2 and looking down from the sinker hand jam on 3.
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