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  1. New pair of unused Nomics. Still have protectors and hang tags. This is the newest version with hammer and ice picks and a spike on the pommel. The still sell for $300 a piece. $600 for the pair retail. Little late in the season but they just showed up here. $450 including shipping via priority mail in the USA. Pay Pal works best for me via f & f transaction.
  2. My thought originally was it is just Haston's magic fingers as well. It aint, trust me. 2 minutes with one and you'll be just as quick as Hastion appears to be with them. I am not chitting you here. It really is that easy. Was able to pick up a few wire/solid gate samples and been playing with them. Although I thought/wanted the pear solid gate versions. Used the wire/solid combo for a few days. Then today just replaced all my glacier skiing lockers with the wire/solid Twin gate version. Kinda like a Nomic..once ya try it you aren't gonna go back to something less. Here is what I think of them and the impression just keeps getting better/stronger the more I use them. http://coldthistle.blogspot.fr/2014/04/grivel-twin-gate.html I have never, ever liked lockers. Detest them truth be told. And only used them when required, sparingly at that. That is now gonna change. Lots of places I'd like an easy to use and fail safe locker beside the typical. Racking ice screws is a start. But there are others. Bad pro, short q-draws, bolts. List will get longer I suspect once I start looking around. Certainly going to change the profile of my Spartan rack for rock, ice or alpine. If you get some extra security with little weight penalty and virtually no extra hassle, why not?
  3. Didn't find a thread on these. Pardon me if there is one already and feel free to delete this one if so. Old news it seems but new to me. My impression is the new Grivel Twin gate really is the chit deserving one I think. I'm very impressed. Just as easy to use as Haston shows. No magic fingers here just really good design work. Call it a PSA.
  4. here ya go.. have fun! http://coldthistle.blogspot.com/2010/12/polar-circus-route-description-photo.html
  5. And I am willing to pay your for it plus shipping http://coldthistle.blogspot.com/2014/01/looking-for-ice-axe-parts-and-pieces.html thanks!
  6. Ice and ski boots for sale..45 and 28

    Dynafit ONE size 28 - $350.. little use, very clean still have these. others are gone Plus what ever actual shipping is via US mail
  7. Batura 2.0 NIB size 45 $400

    sold..thanks Tyler!
  8. WTB AT Boots mondo 28

    Dynfit One PF TX...like new 28 shell $350 and the shipping cost from Issaquah wa.
  9. Petzl Lynx monopoint question

    Solid, good qualiy ice go short. Nasty rotten ice like Raf generally climbs, go long. Situationally dependant. Really Look at a Dartwin. Intentionally the outside point is longer than the inside...everyone splays their feet some is why.
  10. Grivel heel lever on petzl crampons

    You can only switch the levers not the entire heel pieces. Easy switch. Last ones I bought were around $15 each ($30 a pair) IIRC. Easy through BD customer service. BD levers on a Petzl Dartwin. If you still have the Sabers just pull them off and use 'um. Not like you'll hurt them any.
  11. How durable is Primaloft?

    New more loft or want to get back what you had? Throw it in the drier and run it on a hot cycle.
  12. Grivel heel lever on petzl crampons

    Complete Lever set up? BD customer service @ 1-800. Complete heel set up? May be the same but wouldn't bet on it.
  13. FS: Dynafit Speed "Classic" bindings

    $150 cash and a decent bottle of red? And I'll make a point to pick them up in person on your schedule. Might dig up a few more bucks if they are new adn unused. send me a PM if it works for you.
  14. Thanks Wayne. I am thinking it is time for another lap. I saw that people were looking at the thread. Didn't realise the pictures were gone. So thought I'd tease them with the old pictures. Need some young bucks to give me a full condition report on route before I walk in Some early Snoqualmie Love from Wayne Flow Reversal bit on the end as well.
  15. Original pictures are here: http://firstascent-dane.blogspot.com/2010/12/blue-moon-snoqualimie-mountain-central.html