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Best place to resole rock shoes


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ramuta's, without a doubt.


super technical work by a guy who really cares about a perfect finish.


like frost above says, drop off at seattle vertical world for free shipping (do ask when they're shipping next, cuz they could end up sitting in their box for a bit til full).


i had such a bad experience at dave page's twenty years ago hah! that i never could bring myself to try them again.

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John Ramuta has provided me personally with nearly 30 resoles. He's so good he got 5 resoles for me on a pair of slip lasted 2 strap velcro shoes (5.10 UFO). He's so good he got me 9 resoles on a pair of board lasted tie-ups (Boreal Aces).


He now lives in Montana, Vertical World Seattle ships your shoes for free as a group shipment, you can ship them directly if you prefer. I've seen resole jobs from shoe cobblers from around the country, some resoles look as good as Ramuta's and none look better. He grew up a local boy, learned climbing in the Cascades, learned to be a cobbler from his father at the family store that was at 509 Stewart in downtown Seattle.


Ramuta's work is straight, clean, professional and never delaminates.


I've tried most of the cobblers mentioned in this thread and I've tried several more. Over the years Ramuta's work has been consistently the best.




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The rubber room is worth the wait and 6-8 is definitively peak season waiting. Best resole i've ever had, shoes fit like they were new out of the box, they shrank the last back down, awesome.


I've gotten shoes resoled in Joshua Tree, Bishop, and Ramuta when he was here in Seattle. Everyone did the job, but the Rubber Room in Bishop won my loyalty. Their craftsmanship is excellent and the service is awesome. The cost of mailing my shoes and the wait is extremely worth it, and I'll recommend them to everyone.

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I've had really good luck with Cascade Cobbler in Winthrop. They had a couple issues with with turnaround time when the new owner took over but apparently now quality and turnaround is really good. The one pair of shoes he did for me was done very well and its good to support a small business in the Methow. Reminds me, I've got a pair I need to send him.

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I got my technos back from Ramuta's and the resole job is awesome! I will definitely send my shoes back to him the next time they are in need of new rubber! Quick turn around time and they climb like they are brand new. Saaaweet!

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