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  1. long & free rock/alpine partner

    Check your PMs.
  2. Arc'teryx Pack - Needle 65 - $50 - sold

    PM sent.
  3. I pulled a tick out of my scalp also on the drive home after visiting SCW on Sunday.
  4. Wanted: Alpine Trekkers

    I'd discourage you but YMMV. Touring is really gear intensive for a reason unfortunately.
  5. Josh Lewis

    Josh - I have also always enjoyed your trip reports and enthusiasm for the mountains. Hope that you are healing up well and feel better soon!
  6. I found some gear on the East Ridge of Forbidden this weekend. Looked like it was left recently. ID including marking to claim.
  7. Nice job guys. Looks like a great couple of days in the alpine. Forbidden is awesome.
  8. Seattle Pubclub

    I am planning to attend tomorrow night. Oly, if you have any more size M tee's can you bring one for me?
  9. Rock Climbing Robot

    It seems like, with a couple of these: http://www.madrockclimbing.com/products/product.asp?_item=100085 that it would be possible to figure out a way to have it fix a rope to a bolted anchor such that you could follow using a mini traxion. That being said, it would probably be easier to come up with a system to clip the anchors with a quadcopter.
  10. Welcome Leavenworth Climbing Rangers

    Adam - thanks for posting. It is excellent to get your mission posted here as well as the Leavenworth Climbing Rangers' contact information out there so that more climbers are aware of your group's goals and how to contact you if needed.
  11. Welcome Leavenworth Climbing Rangers

    Are the climbing rangers core climbers that have been appointed rangers, like in Yosemite? Why have the Leavenworth climbing rangers not chimed in yet to add their personal perspective on this discussion?
  12. Nice job you two! Sounds like you scored weather-wise up there last weekend. Way to sneak in some great climbs between the storms.
  13. Best place to resole rock shoes

    John Ramuta has always done a great job for me too. He has given several pairs of my shoes new life when I was ready to toss them because they were so blown out. That and his soles don't delam unlike some of the other guys mentioned in this thread.
  14. Scottwesh - you mean like this: These were a pair of 1980's Asolos that my friend John borrowed last year to go ice climbing. They had some issues on the approach.