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  1. Going to be at Smith Monday to Wednesday this week. I will lead 5.9 sport and 5.6 trad, maybe 5.7, follow 5.10. Have some trad gear. My number is three three four 332 7278, staying at the bivouac. Actually out at Smith today trying to find somebody to climb with. Shad Williams
  2. Looking for a partner for Mt Washington (OR) on sat 9/21.
  3. I think we must have seen you guys on Young Warriors.... somebody kept yelling BEAAACONNNNN!!!!
  4. thanks for the info. officially leaving the board at home for this road trip!
  5. Would also love to hear about snow conditions on adams from those of you wo have been up there recently. I am planning on climbing adams july 23ish or so and am trying to figure out whether i should bring the splitboard or just boot it. Thanks in advance!
  6. Bump for Rock and Resole. Had my shoes back to me in a little over a week. Price is very reasonable. I have also used Komito, Rubber Room, and Mountain Soles. Like Rock and Resole the best.
  7. shad

    Mt Hood

    summitted this AM. left T-line around 1230, got up to Crater Rock before daylight so waited around a bit so we could see where we were going. nice steps up the Old Chute, excellent climbing conditions. bluebird day up there, very little wind as well. My friends who had climbed Mt Hood before said it was more mellow than last year, snow more filled in on Old Chute / less steep, better steps, etc
  8. shad

    Mt Hood

    I am going to be in Portland for a few days next week and was considering trying Mt Hood south side route again. I tried a couple times in 2012 but got shut down by icy conditions. I noticed that it may be pretty warm next week with a freeze level of 14000 ft. Will there be rock and icefall coming down like crazy or can this route still be done safely when it is above freezing? I know safety is relative, but I was just hoping to hear from someone who has been up there when it is that warm. Maybe this should have been posted in the "Newb" forum. If it matters, I have done Mt St Helens, Middle and South Sister, and am trying Shasta Sat / Sun. I am still new to this, and I haven't done any routes yet where rock/icefall is even an issue.
  9. shad

    Mt Hood

    anybody been up there the last few days? what was it like?
  10. Thanks! I will check them out.
  11. I am moving to Salt Lake City next week... is there any message board similar to cascadeclimbers for Utah climbing?
  12. interested in the hammer. still available?
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