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  1. I'll take the old XKG if still available. I go past Snohomish pretty regularly & can collect. Email is best: jake evans 100 @ hotmail .com
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm good post Taanstafil. It was very nice to see you & dude. Jim has a splendid topo that Mr Whitelaw drew. Where's that topo Jim? Jake das Brit.
  3. Brexit, my fine friend, is the resurrected zombie corpse of Thatcher-era anti-Europe nationalism. Brought back to life by the lackbeard Cameron (who then resigned to become a fucking shepard, for real), and fueled by viscous Trumpian down-economy jobs shortage, and kneaded by the bitch May into a great big mess, the kind of mess that when you make one, you apologize to all concerned and ask forgiveness and can everything please go back to how it was before. 'I'm really sorry', that kind of thing. Unfortunately no one over there has the political chops to execute a climb-down, so that's the end of the UK for a few more years. Oh Woe is me...………………...
  4. Trip: Mt Stuart - Stuart Glacier CouloirTrip Date: 04/05/2019 There is no bergschrund, the ice pitches are so minor that we barely slowed down. The top West ridge was full value, ice & mixed conditions were fantastic with cracks open to take gear, but accumulation in the backs of cracks in the top pitches making the best mixed conditions I've ever had in the Enchantments, but I would say that since Danny lead the technical jazz. No photos up there as we were hauling ass & cold. Very scary avi conditions on the descent with propagating cracks on the Sherpa Glacier & enough slabs peeling off to make a guy very happy to be down. Also white-out & nuclear winds on summit were unforgettable. We climbed straight up the west ridge after the tiny notch on exit from the north. I thought this was great, but the ledge ~30 below the tiny notch may be a better route.. 14 hours tent to tent (in the 5400vf meadow) Photos are not in order..... Looking down N face exiting to tiny notch:Exit top of couloirIce pitches...minor Gear Notes:Small cams 0.3 -2", rack offset wires, pins: LA, KB, beak, didn't use screws except one shit one.Approach Notes:Snowshoes from 1/2 way up road & to camp. No snowshoes above 5400vf. Very bad avi conditions on descent on Sherpa Glacier. GPS (or solid previous knowledge) essential to get off summit in nasty storm.
  5. Many thanksmthorman, those are the puppies. Thansk for the effort ...also thanks Gene, appreciate the effort. I do think those look like you'd put them in yer open wine bottle to stop it going off. Ha Rock on.
  6. ...thanks for your thoghful & considered reply. I have been outside once or twice before, I was struck by how diuffernt it looked from GoogleEarth.
  7. ...I saw a guy in Vertical World last year with some wooden ice tools, not the Dryice ones with the big rubber bands. I think the copany name was Helix, these tool-things had wooden pick shapes with a rubber pad at the end so you can drytool in the gym. Anyway, I can't find anything on the interweb, so if anyone has a lead on these things, I'd be happy to get some info. And before the howls of derision begin...I've trashed my fingers so I reckon trytooling may be the way to go for a while. Thanks in advance. Jake
  8. Clost cleaning...priced to sell, there is nothing worng with these units, they just sit in the closet & so they should go to some one who will use them. #1.5 tech friend, #2 Helium, #2.5 Tech friend, #3 tech friend, #3 Original solid bar friend, #3.5 tech friend, #4 tech friend, +trango max cam The tech friends are not much used, I am the original owner, no abuse. The trango, and the solid bar I inheritted from a careful friend, so nothing to worry about there. $120 cash, firm, in NE Seattle email me, please don't pm thru this site: jakeevans100 at hotmail.com
  9. Great TR & excellent landscapes. Your buddy in the mid-gound, Mt R in the background & stumps in foreground is a classic composition you just don't see that aften. Nice.
  10. It's probably worth knowing that inside thatr enormous pack are...snowshoes! Yeah baby... better than skis on this gig, or I'm a lying pilgrim!
  11. Posting for a fiend who can't get into his cc account. Reply to his email below. The photo gallery won't let me post the photo, email Ari if you want pics, they all look new to me.: All gear is in excellent condition. Before we really stopped climbing, we bought a few new pieces with the intention of cragging more, which is why some pieces are listed as "new". Preference would be to sell the rack as a whole, or groups of pieces rather than individuals, hence the discount for purchases of 4+ pieces. All cams include a BD hoodwire biner, and the nuts include a racking biner and BD nut tool. Here is what we've got: Item Condition - Single Price - for 4+ WC Friend #2 new 50 45 WC Friend #2.5 new 50 45 Metolius Master Cam #0 lightly used 40 35 Metolius Master Cam #1 lightly used 40 35 Metolius Master Cam #2 lightly used 40 35 Metolius Master Cam #3 lightly used 40 35 BD Stoppr Set #4-13 used 60 55 hoodwire quickdraw (3X) used 10/ea 8/ea email: akarchin at gmail dot com
  12. Good day out. Hopefully conditions persist and/ or repeat since there is potential there for cascades-style (scary & variable ice) alpine cragging. Really, a couple of routes up the headwall to the summit seem do-able & would be groovy. Just gotta stay out of the neighborhood & approach via the beacon park. Jake
  13. Chockstone falls looks FAT, lots of snow up there so it may be slow going low down. The 1st pitch looks very, very hollow, we went around it on the left side. Rock on. Jake
  14. Good question. I do not have an answer/ But from past experience, you may be able to drive up to somewhere around the HIddenLake turn off, if you have all these things you might not use; saw, patience & maybe chains but definitely high clearance. I don't reckon anyone can get past the 1700' bit a few miles down the road at this time of year without a snow machine. But then again, what do I know? not so much. If you can, then you'll gain quite a few miles on the downhill. Go, if you don't go, you won't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I have what you need. I ran a boot r&d project for years & I have full tilt tongues, homemade carbon tongues, tongues made from hdpe, spam, you name it... Email me, I'd be pleased to help out. In Seattle jakeevans100athotmail.com
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