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  1. +1 for the metolius lube. I just get an old tooth brush and make a week and warm water/soap solution in a big bowl. After scrubbing off the major dirt, I let the cams dry. Then generous amounts of lube is applied to the axils/springs, after which even more subsurface dirt will flow out in the form of dirty lube. Once the lube is flowing clean, I stop, let the lube "dry", and then wipe off as much lube as possible, using towels, q-tips, pipe cleaners, etc. I normally do this once every 1-3 seasons depending on usage.
  2. You should check out alpine threadworks packs. There handmade by a guide up in Calgary. He customs makes every to your back length, so the fit will be perfect. I've been using the ski specific selkrik pack for the last month or so and am really impressed with the build quality, materials and simplicity of the design. He also makes a climbing specific version called the "selkirk light." In no way affiliated, Im just really psyched on my pack, super light weight. Check em out: http://alpinethreadworks.com/products/selkirk-light.html
  3. I’ve been waddling through various touring boot/binding options for the last 5 years, never really finding the perfect combo. I skied the Diamir Fritschi Freeride binding with Garmont Adrenalines and eventually swapped that out for a full alpine boot, Lange RX 130 and Marker Baron bindings. For me, I go skiing to go skiing. I have also logged a lot of lift served skiing over the last few years. I mostly do day tours, but have taken the (very heavy) Lange/Marker combo as far as 20mi in Yellowstone NP. Over the last 5 years I’ve averaged 40-50 days resort skiing and 10-20 days touring per year. I’ve long wanted to be on Dynafit bindings for touring, for the obvious “weight and gate” advantages over plate bindings, but have never viewed any of the boot offerings to be adequate for how and what I like to ski. Then the Vulcan showed up. They are heavier than the TLT6 P, BUT they ski just like my full 130 flex alpine boot (which have the stiff Intuition power wrap liners & booster straps). And unlike the Langes they tour like a champ. Carbon fiber+Grilamid ROCKS. The TLT style walk mode is truly incredible, with the tongues out, skinning in the Vulcans feels like walking down the street. The range of motion of this boot with the “gate” of the Dynafit binding has truly revolutionized my touring experience. A couple of things I’ve noticed about Dynafit bindings (specifically I’m on Speed Radicals w/o brakes). First of all they are bomber. I normally ski alpine bindings on a DIN of 10, so I cranked the Speed Radical to a RT of 10 (capacity) without hesitation, and have yet to have them release any differently than an alpine binding. Small drops, ollieing over terrain features, and pointing it have all gone well without release in all conditions (crust, chunder, cream cheese, pow etc.). Although I’m always gaining confidence in the Dynafit’s release characteristics, I will admit that I’ve “locked out” the toe a few times when I was in what I considered no fall zones. For me this isn’t an issue, because when I’m skiing in this kind of terrain I ski slowly, making controlled jump turns, don’t play on terrain features and don’t fall. One negative thing I’ve notice about the Dynafit bindings is the increased difference between the heights of the toe and heal when in ski mode. This difference in height, dubbed “delta angle” by the venerable Lou Dawson at “wildsnow.com”, really sucks. It makes me feel like I’m skiing in stiletto heels. Too used to the near zero delta angle of a free-ride alpine binding? I probably am. I have been sucking it up so far but definitely plan on getting some toe shims from “bndskigear.com” in the very near feature to reduce the delta angle as much as possible. A couple of other notes: Yes you can ski these boots w/o the tongues and they ski well. In my personal estimation I’d say that the boots ski at a ~110 flex w/o the tongues and at a 130+ flex w/ the tongues (I’m 5’ 11”, 170lb for reference). As always with ski boots, fit is the single most important thing to take into account. For me the Vulcans fit perfectly. I have a very narrow heal, and a very wide forefoot. The tight heal and 103mm last of the Vulcan is spot on for me. However, I can tell after a long day in these boots that the lower volume TLT6’s wouldn’t work for me without substantial boot fitting wizardry. For me the increased weight over the TLT6 models is a no brainer. Depending on your skiing ability, style, and objectives the weight penalty may not be for you. For me these boots are perfect whether I’m skinning all day up a volcano or dropping into a deep pillow line. Is the Vulcan a ski boot revolution? I think so!
  4. I've really been loving the Flylow Magnum BC pant for touring. They have full length welded side zips, thigh vents, bomber cordura knees and are pretty breathable (some proprietary membrane). I especially like the fit, which is not park rat baggy but not climbing pant nut hugger either, might be too baggy for some but just right for me. I've had friends get cordura butt reinforcement slapped on Flylows before, with good results (the gear repair lady in town is a certified magician).
  5. The new TLT 6 has wider last than the TLT 5 albeit it only one or two mm. You might check that out before going down the boot punching rabbit hole. The WildSnow.com guys just did a pretty good "first impressions" review on their site.
  6. I am actually interested on behalf of a friend. I will let you know. Am i correct in that they are twin tip, full camber?
  7. What size are the P4's? from the boot sizes your selling im gonna assume they are the 190's but wanted to be sure. what are the conditions of the bases/ how many mounts?
  8. I've been on the marker baron for the last 3 years, mostly day tours & life serve sidecountry days around SW Montana. They have held up well, however I think that if you going to go the plate style binding route that the Solomon guardian/ Atomic tracker is a better way to go. Reason being that this binding has an all metal attachment system switching you between touring mode and alpine mode. This seems to have alleviated my only complaint about the markers, which has all plastic attachment, resulting in increasing slop in the binding over time. If your dead set on the markers I'd so save some money and weight and get the barons, I consider myself as aggressive as any (human) skier out there and I've yet to blow them up. Just my 0.02
  9. The rubber room is worth the wait and 6-8 is definitively peak season waiting. Best resole i've ever had, shoes fit like they were new out of the box, they shrank the last back down, awesome.
  10. I've have a GoLite 800 fill sleeping bag for 4-5 seasons and it's held up great. Really warm for the rating and quality fill that hasn't packed out. I dunno about there jackets specifically but seems like they have (or at least had) well sourced down.
  11. BD purple glob stopper, make sure to rub it on dry skins. Only thing you need.
  12. Awesome TR. Looks like great conditions, well done.
  13. I've seen multiple threads reviewing their products over on mountainproject.com. While i have no personal experience with their gear, the general conciseness over there is that the price difference isn't worth it. I generally abide by the old adage buy nice or buy twice. http://www.mountainproject.com/v/gear4rocks-1axle-cam-set-of-six-review/107427860#a_107429830 http://www.mountainproject.com/v/gear4rocks-plastic-nuts-review/107026062#a_107026219 http://www.mountainproject.com/v/gear4rocks-metal-nut-set-review/107173089#a_107174841
  14. In my experience osprey packs don't hold up well when used with skis/crampons as they are frequently made of very light materials. Go for a pack either made of burly cordura or that has hypalon reinforcements ski/crampon attachment points. I've had some great luck with mountain hardware ski packs with such features. I also tend to favor packs with the cleanest possible exterior profile, which I think BD has been doing a great job with over the last couple years. Just my .02
  15. A pair of Petzl Quarks, used and in excellent condition. Picks have lots of life left and wrist leashes are included, asking $200 firm. I'm in Bozeman MT, local deal is preferred but I am willing to split shipping with buyer although I am not techno-savy (don't do paypal). Pictures by request at epst10 at gmail dot com
  16. If your mostly skiing in the backcountry you might check out the Scarpa TX Pro NTN Boot. its a tele boot, and therefore has a really wide last, and fits in dynafit/tech bindings. Might also be nice for climbing/walking with the tele baffles, a little left field i know but may be worth checking out.
  17. Looking to buy WC tech friends 5 or 6 and/or BD camalot/c4 4.5,5 or 6. Similar sizes in other brands will be considered. Looking for used but not abused gear. Please PM.
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