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  1. I got my technos back from Ramuta's and the resole job is awesome! I will definitely send my shoes back to him the next time they are in need of new rubber! Quick turn around time and they climb like they are brand new. Saaaweet!
  2. I think I'm gonna go Ramuta because of all the awesome feedback. That and he's in Helena and I'm in Bozeman. ~90 miles or so. I think I can get my brother to drop 'em off too. I'll tell you how it goes...
  3. I bought and used a Pod Sacs XPod when I went to Peru and it worked very well. Not that heavy and comparable to Cilogear. Pretty simple design, durable, but not made of VX material. 500D & 1000D Cordura I think. The burros tried to wear it out but were not successful.
  4. Geez, thanks for all the feedback. With, such strong endorsements, it's still kinda hard to choose. A friend of mine suggested the Rubber Room or Rock and Resole. Guess I'm going to have to do a little more research.
  5. Heyo, I've got a pair of Scarpa Technos that fit really well and I hate to give them up. Any suggestions for a good place to send them to get resoled? Tyson
  6. Bump. I'll go $275 including shipping in the lower 48.
  7. I like my Osprey Variant 37 pretty well. It's not perfect, it has quite a few "features" but works great for ice cragging and ski tours. I have a BD Speed 30 from a few years ago that I like better, very simple and light, but it is not very durable and is starting to fall apart.
  8. Got a pair for sale, used about 12 days or so. Still in great shape! Make an offer.
  9. Clearly the application is quite important. Without knowing more about it's potential use, it's hard to say if substituting dyneema/spectra is appropriate. Putting knots in dyneema/spectra significantly reduces the strength of the loop/cord, especially at the knot. The material is also static. No shock loading or it'll snap in a jiffy. Static loads are okay, and a triple fishermans knot might prevent the knot from slipping. Again, application.
  10. Bump. Super boots, just a tad too large for me.
  11. 1 pair La Sportiva Baruntse double boots. Just in time for spring mountaineering at altitude! Would also be great for ice climbing. Used about 10 days in South America and Hyalite. Normal wear, one small crampon cut fixed by Dave Page, otherwise great condition and super toasty! Size 44. $350.
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