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Best place to resole rock shoes


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During the ~30 years I have been using Dave Page to resole my rock shoes and mountaineering boots I have only had one sub-par resole.  That was mostly my fault because I had worn all the way through the rand and leather, leaving a hole where my big toe is.  All the other resoles have been good to excellent; no delaminations, minimal change to the fit of the shoe.  I do buy board lasted, canvas lined leather shoes, which stand up to resoling better than slip lasted.   

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I saw the thing about the PCT, but deeper down something about them not taking individual orders any more. Would be glad to be wrong. Yeah, Ramuta is a serious loss, a top-notch craftsman that does a great job with the business stuff as well.

Similar experience with Page, a peely resole back in the 80s when he was over in Wallingford, and never went back. Like to support a local shop but no matter who I choose, I have to ship them anyway.


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On 8/7/2019 at 11:06 AM, tanstaafl said:

Never used them myself, but one of my partners swears by Komito's in Estes Park CO and has used them for upwards of 40 years.

FWIW I used Komito for several years. But Steve slowed down quite a bit in the past couple of years - he is well into his seventies and is a one person operation. The last time I had shoes to him he got so far behind that he had given up on the usual FIFO system and went to who was calling and wanting their shoes.

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I've had a number of climbing shoe resoles done at Dave Page's, since I live in the neighborhood. I don't expect a resoled shoe to necessarily be "like new", so haven't minded when they fall apart after extensive use. I also had them do my mountaineering boots and that has held up great.

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26 minutes ago, DPS said:

BTW Curt, do you remember climbing WR Forbidden with me and Carlos, like almost 30 years ago?

Yes, Dan but only vaguely. Beautiful route, good conditions, no epics, right?

Honestly, that was back when I was young, and foolishly took more interest in the climbs than the companions.

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16 hours ago, curtveld said:

No... not that Carlos... I don't think?

No, Carlos Hatfield. Certainly Gene remembers him from Bellingham.

Yeah, no epics for us but on the approach we ran into Brendan Cusak who was working as a ranger and would later guide at AAI. He was leading two climbers down who were from NY. They had attempted the WR but while down climbing the couloir one slipped and went down head first pachinkoing off the couloir walls and into the bergschrund. Fortunately he was wearing a Joe Brown helmet, which sustained a big dent but saved his life. To add insult to injury they managed to fall into a river on the way out and were completely wet and shivering when we ran across them. The helmet in question has been on display in the Marblemount ranger station ever since. 

Carlos Buhler and I both went Huxley College and there was a photo of him in the graduate school office on top of Everest holding a flag with the school name. I wound up working with a lady who was a prof there and remembered Carlos well from class. 

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2 hours ago, curtveld said:

I had met Carlos through his ill-fated climbing gym. Good climber and quite the character.

Yikes, I had completely forgotten that Forbidden story.

Alex K and I built that gym for him. I even drafted the plans. I kept telling him he needed to get a gym designer and he always responded "I know exactly what I want: three vertical walls, three slabs, and three overhangs."

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