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  1. RIP Dean Potter

    His entire life seemed to center on extreme risk-taking, so I'm not much surprised with this news. I admit to having misgivings about such exploits in general, the public's perception of these exploits, and the monetization and promotion of these exploits by both the individuals performing them and corporate interests. It's a continuing and seemingly unquestioned trend in our culture towards the more and more "extreme", getting to the point with some of these activities where there's a significantly reduced survival rate. A strange fetish, really, and troubling to me. I also think chirp's comments, although perhaps a bit inappropriately timed and offered, shouldn't necessarily be taken as a final indictment of his character. I don't know chirp, but I think his post speaks to the polarized way in which people responded to Potter. Potter's behaviours certainly created controversy. In the end, I'll respond to Dean Potter's passing in the same way I would respond to anyone's: I sincerely pray that he passed from this life being ok with both the time and manner of his passing, and that both he and his loved ones are at peace.
  2. first female 5.15a

    Siegrist said Era Vella (9a, although controversial) didn't have anything harder than V7. And it sounds like it even has some rests. I have a vague memory of the big Austrian dude saying he thought Action Direct had V7 max individual moves. I'd think Eiter would send a consensus 15a first, because of her free time and availability of such routes in her hood (and the fact that I think she's getting close on La Rambla??) But if Ashima does one any time now, I don't think anyone would be surprised.
  3. Route Grades

    Except his gradings aren't "helpful", nor are they accurate. 13- has, by traditional convention, been associated with a V7 bouldering grade, and I don't think the above route has three V7's (and one harder problem, per his notations). I've often heard it mentioned that this route has continual V4 climbing, but I don't know from personal experience. Badman is also given 5.14a (somewhat morpho, but what route isn't), and has perhaps 2 V7 boulder sections, and certainly isn't as sustained as the aforementioned route. BTW, I've never heard of, or given, routes grades based on any notion of "onsite" difficulty. Grades generally tend to settle in after a familiarity with the route, along with consensus.
  4. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    I'm generally ok with dogs. I like 'em. I don't even mind well-mannered dogs saying hi. But climbers around you shouldn't need to change their behaviour because of your pets. People around you shouldn't have to safe-guard their food because your dog is wandering around. People around you shouldn't have to keep an eye on their small kids because of your dog. And please, if your dog is barking more than infrequently, it's a major nuisance to at least some people around you! Please leash wandering dogs, and if they are barkers, please keep them at home. Thanks!
  5. Retiring ropes due to age, not wear?

    It's incredibly hard to load a kernmantle climbing rope to failure without exposing it to cutting forces. Whenever I have fears of climbing rope strength, I like to visualize a 10 mm climbing rope suspending two subaru foresters in the air, something it's entirely capable of doing.
  6. Swelling in palm below ring finger?

    thanks for feedback. i've started doing some (painful) massage on mine, and it seems like it might be going away a bit.
  7. This is lame

    I support your right to get up in arms about climbers getting up in arms. btw it's "DE-TRONNED". you forgot the extra "N".
  8. Swelling in palm below ring finger?

    i seem to have that distinct hardening at the base of ring and pinky fingers. seems like it came on about 3 years ago during some more intense training. hasn't gone away, nor progressed. anyone know if the condition has been known to go into remission, or is it considered to be always progressive?
  9. This is lame

    watched the last vid bit that the link took me to, fail to see the outrage. nothing but woods saying he wished the rules wouldn't change, congratulated mohammed on problem 3.... what's the big deal? and don't ask me to watch more please! regarding americans on the international bouldering comp scene: i think webb is the only one who might have a chance right now on a regular basis, and i think even that is a big maybe. what i'm curious about is if sharafutdinov can win again, and if ondra (i think he's doing the boulder circuit?) can be beat.
  10. What Are Your Favorite and/or Best Climbs?

    Nice, how did that go? Years ago I accidentally free soloed Orbit, onsite. Shook me up pretty good!
  11. Used Climbing Ropes

    Should this be only in the Yard Sale?? Anyways, need old climbing ropes, not for climbing!
  12. Need Used Climbing Ropes

    Have any old climbing ropes you're done with? Not for climbing, will be put to a good use! Thanks.
  13. First world problems tear Mazama asunder

    nah, I think kundig himself should be (is) liable, since he knew very well about local opinion and the covenant, choosing to disregard them.
  14. First world problems tear Mazama asunder

    Good news indeed! I spent some time at a friend's place in Mazama recently, and became somewhat informed of the situation. What struck me the most was how one monied individual seemingly had such complete disregard for local tradition. The idea of the mountain tops littered with buildings a la Winthrop is disturbing, and the covenant was in place to prevent this, so I am happy the judge ruled this way.
  15. Surveyor Needed

    PM me if you or someone you know does this kind of thing. Thanks.