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86xed OR EMPIRE STIKES BACK- Manifesto


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so for all you posers, you did it again! fuck- couldn't leave this alone, now could you? so here it is. THIS IS AGENT ORANGE all you fucks.

seems like we have a copy cat trying to assume my idendity. after you kicked me off last time out of your little lame ass loser circle jerk i didn't even bother with this piece of shit web site. I was gone a whole day, gettin' back to my pad, opening my email and guess what? a link to this crap page and a question if it was me. So for all you clown punching maggott eating wankers - THE ANSWER IS NO!!!! But this is me.

So this is my manifesto, for all you Kosinski's fans ( i bet half of your sorry asses doesn't even know who i am talking about here). if you were smart i would not bend over at this second- here comes the big one.

This is typical web page gone bad. a crowd of wanna-be-but-i -can't-crank-faders.i mean for fuck sakes the stuff written here is beyond any logic. here was little prick joe cock sucking kania getting in my face. well turns out that this so called experienced jack ass did 4 fucking alpine climbs in his life. then he writes a piece of shit write up how he had a mini epic on w. ridge of stuard. joe- it's a walk up route, wake the fuck up and smell the shit. you're not an alpine climber- you're a fucking novice. put a couple of seasons under your belt you dildo and then talk. and then the rest of this chicken choking crowd is cheering how good of an ascent it was. hey, are you reading any climbing news at all (beside the bullshit on this board?) people crank and crank hard sport, trad, bouldering, alpine, ice, mix, you name it. just because you know how to get on line and type on a computer doesn't give you the right to go ahead and spray about every fucking whimp fest of yours.

and you all call me unhappy, loser and all this other crap. guess what? it happens i like my job, i climb whenever i want. i am not the one stuck with some dead end job, with nothing else to do, but to surf the net. sounds pretty miserable to me. you see you pathetic losers i made some life choice that allowed me to climb pretty much full time for years. and all the rest of you wankers just dream about it, and try to thrash anyone who actually put their ass on line and made it.

hey Drew, you start involving my friends. i don't see you at their houses. the reason you're not there is simple- nobody is wearing a face mask to keep the spray of the face. when do you even have the time to climb? you fucking dildo have an opinion on everything?

feck, let's go climbing, i think we would get alone just fine. keep the rage going and don't get upset when this clown punching circle jerk moronic crowd will kick you off this page.

mr freak out rurp pretends to be a big fucking wall climber. when did you tie your rope last time?

I don't expect mr brown shirt christian nazi timmy to let me be on this board, so i must say ciao. i am sure you'll have fun thrashing my persona. like i care.... fuck off [Moon][Moon][Moon][rockband]

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oh yea, it's me again. i read this thread- rain sucks. well, you live in the pacyfic nw. it fucking rains. you don't like it- move! maybe to colorado or sulty gulp city, so you can spray with the rest of them.

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Originally posted by gapertimmy:


i'm a nazi for banning some dude that posts about raping little kids? WTF

Well, a number of the SA leadership were quite the deviants. That's one of the reasons Hitler had the Blood Purge. So actually he's quite accurate in calling you a nazi [Wink] .


[ 09-05-2002, 10:03 AM: Message edited by: Greg W ]

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Hugh, no one cares who you are, what you climb, or if you climb. You are insignificant. Are you by chance from Spanaway? Your parable sounds like a Meth-induced piece of real Shakespear, brilliant!


ADMINISTRATORS- I have an idea, how about creating a hall of shame for clowns like this. Post their personal information and passwords and let everyone go to town with it. [Wazzup]

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Originally posted by trask:

Well done. Good composition and about 90% on the spelling. The train of thought is consistent. All in all I give it a C-


[Roll Eyes]

True about the spelling, but where are the capital letters? Sorely absent, it seems. And the piece, while somewhat organized into paragraphs, was rather spastically presented.


Dr. Flash Amazing gives it a D. Really, a manifesto is like a resume or cover letter. It is giving people their first impression of you as a person, and care should be taken to coherently organize ones thoughts and ideas, and the document on the whole should be convincing without being too heavy-handed or preachy, as well as being well-edited. Truly, as a first impression, this is about as welcome as shaking hands with someone and discovering that they've just wiped their ass with that hand.

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Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob


"The whole fate of the world lies in your hands!" said Zelmo to Bob.

"Don't you think I know that, fool?" snapped a panicky Bob. "Now why don't you let me concentrate on saving the f-ing planet?"


You see, Bob had just invented the Asteroid Pulverizing Ray, which I will refer to as the APR, and had less than an hour to test it on a huge asteroid plummeting towards the earth. Bob spat tobacco juice on Zelmo's shirt. "Ha, ha," he laughed like a maniac.


"That's alright, I'm already dirty," said Zelmo.


"Ready, aim, fire!" said Bob as he readied, aimed, and fired. Unfortunately, the APR shot missed and blew up the moon. "D'oh!" said Bob. "Let's try her again."


"Can I try?" asked Zelmo. "I'm the best shot East of the West."


"Ok, but if you miss I'll just have to kick your ass," said Bob.


Zelmo missed. Bob kicked Zelmo's ass. Bob furiously kicked the APR, and it was knocked over, shattering into a million pieces (give or take a few).


"Well, there goes our only bloody chance at saving the frickin' world," said Bob. "I might as well go find some sheep to screw before I die."


Luckily for life on Earth, Pedro and Hipolito had built their own Asteroid Pulverizing Ray, and they pulverized the asteroid with it. Bob contracted AIDS from the sheep he found and died a slow, miserable death.


The End


[ 09-05-2002, 05:45 PM: Message edited by: tsk tsk tsk ]

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