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  1. Mt Adams SW Chutes

  2. About Jon

    what are you, a goddamn policeman? STHU No, they're mean too. I think it's STFU. Maybe a picture will help you remember.
  3. Mt Adams SW Chutes

    You lied to me.
  4. About Jon

    I meant that big meanie trask, why is he so mean, especially to Jon?
  5. About Jon

    Why do you have to be so mean? Besides, I thought I was a chronic gumby.
  6. Mt Adams SW Chutes

    How come we never see pictures of Jon, he's my hero and I'd like to see a picture of him skiing.
  7. About Jon

    Jon is my hero!
  8. Where's the outrage???????

    quote: I'm down with that. Just got my new rifle yesterday. Like to put a few of them and some people here in the crosshairs. Fuckin losers. Dam, that's pretty harsh. But, since population is the root cause of environmental degradation, maybe... What'd ya git?
  9. Where's the outrage???????

    quote: I think Rick's rant puts a name to some of my anxiety, and I'd agree that its a non-partisan issue. Even if you're a die-hard Bush supporter, those same tools pass to the next idiot to occupy that office, and you might not think of them as your friend. Its of equal concern to right wing gun owners, libertarian free marketeers, disenfranchised lefties, paranoid black helicopter conspiracy theorists, and though they might not be aware of it, that great doughy mass in the middle too. Yep, ditto dat.
  10. It's ALL about money. Anything else is just an excuse for underachievment.
  11. Federal Tax Reform is SEXY

    quote: "Or how about this (I agree with chuck BTW) - we go with the flat and no deductions, and EVEN apply it to corporations?" Because since corporations contain individuals, that results in double taxation, once when the money comes in the door and again when it is disbursed to those who own the corporation. Now double taxation of the same resources may be OK by some, but it's not to me, so I'll oppose it, and do oppose it because it already happens. Corporations are treated as individuals because they are composed of individuals, and you do not lose your right to free speech, free enterprise, or self ownership when you go to work or own a piece of a corporation. Sorry mtngoat, but I gotta call BS on the "double taxation" argument when it is used to suggest that each dollar that flows through the economy can only be taxed once - that is a preposturously impossible standard and that term is only used to incite anti-tax sentiment (not that there is anything wrong with that-just get a valid argument). My one example, and doesn't take much to think of many more, when I make a buck, it is taxed as income, and again when it used to purchase (sales tax) and again by the person who sold me, and on down the line. Money is taxed double, triple, and an infinite number of times as it passes from hand to another. The argument that corporations cannot be taxed like individuals because it would be double taxation is really weak. How about this though - require corporations to pay ALL taxes, and indivudals don't have to so we can avoid double taxation? Don't know where you got on the free speech issue, it's not mine. I do believe, as others have posted, that if corporations are going to be treated as individuals, they should get treated as one, and if it means throwing the collective of corporate indivuals in the joint for crimes an ordinary "non-corporate" indivudal would do time for, so be it. The corporate shield should not be allowed to protect individuals from responsibility for crimes. Sorry for missing another good Muir on Saturday thread, but after all, it snowed.
  12. Federal Tax Reform is SEXY

    Or how about this (I agree with chuck BTW) - we go with the flat and no deductions, and EVEN apply it to corporations? Just like with real people, corporations would pay tax on every dollar that comes in the door regardless of what it cost them to make that dollar - no deductions for salaries, depreciation of equipment, business lunches, and all those other deductions. People don't get to deduct what their car, food, clothes that are necessary for them to earn a buck, but coporations do. I think this what has scared the flat taxers off in recent years because if you treated corporations like we treat people, well, they would probably be bankrupt before the ink on the bill changing the tax code was dry. Food for thought?
  13. Wanted: Randonee ski's

    Just a side note, tele specific skis usually have a beefed binding mounting area designed to keep your binding from ripping out (tele bindings allow more torque on the binding). There's a pretty good AT rig for sale on the Couloir website. http://www.telemarkvision.tv/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi
  14. those profs should have been packing

    trollin, trollin, trollin.... Muir on Saturday babeeee.............
  15. Winona's being railroaded

    Now if only we could get Martha Stewart to do the perp walk, and then videos of her as Butchy Brenda's cellmate.
  16. Keep Left!

    [ 10-29-2002, 10:22 AM: Message edited by: Poseur ]
  17. Keep Left!

    Keep left....and gerbils will forever tremble in your presence. PAGE TOP!!!
  18. Envirofacists take out the Channel Islands forever

    Now that would be something! Just to belabor another trivial technical point - this was an act of his administration through his appointees, not a piece of legislation. But, he sure could reverse the decision of his appointees by replacing them, insisting the matter be brought up again and that they change their vote, or get the two no shows there. Could also explain why there was two no shows on the vote. That would be something! Except I'd have to eat my words about the payoff scenario...oh well...
  19. Envirofacists take out the Channel Islands forever

    Whenever I dove off the islands the sealife was incredible. Since I'm a rookie diver I stuck mostly to weedbeds where the most prevalent fish were those sheephead. The sealife was so abundant the shark danger was real and you couldn't go out for a day without a nearby boat reporting a siting (dive boat captains kept a pretty good network going on this). Typically, you don't get significant numbers of top of the food chain predators roaming around unless there is something there for them to eat! I wasn't much into fishing at the time, but sailing out of Santa Barbara regularly and generally hanging out around the lower State St bars you get plenty of fish reports (and fresh fish dinners ) that indicate to me the fishery is quite healthy. I think the real answer to this issue can be found in a couple months when Gray Davis has to file his campaign contribution reports. Since environmental organizations are mere Democratic Party lapdogs, I suspect a large contribution from a large polluter in the area will appear and we can probably chock this whole fiasco up to a political strategy to eliminate those pesky fisherman's desire to keep industrial pollution out of the bay and nearby islands - the people who really have in interest in a healthy environment in the islands.
  20. Envirofacists take out the Channel Islands forever

    quote: The California Fish and Game Commission voted 2 to 1 to create the fishing-forbidden zones that will exist FOREVER. Two from the five member commission were absent. That's the f'ed up part of Federal bureacracy: a few make rules that affect millions. Something like those that "manage" Mt Rainier National Park. What do our votes mean? Yo free, you know your fisheries, but this was not a federal decision, but a state one under the authority of that penultimate Democrat Governor Gray Davis - the man who never missed a chance to sell out the environment or the public for a few dollars into his campaign coffers. It would be interesting to know who he sold this one out to.
  21. Att'n: Greg W, Caveman, Trask et. al.

    quote: There was more than "nary a wimper". People throughout the states protested against Clinton's foreign military policies. Many groups on the "left" openly and vehemently criticized Clinton. On election day Clinton called Pacifica radio to drum up last minute support for Al Gore and got barraged with tough questions about his policies towards Iraq. Edward Herman wrote an article in Z-Magazine during Clinton's term, calling him the 20th Century's greatest war criminal. "Nary a wimper", eh. Those are but a few small examples. Some phone calls to a radio station, oooo, how tough that must have been for ol' Billy Bob. Sorry, never heard or Pacifica, is that like a college radio station or something? Z magazine? Sorry for the sarcasm, but those examples are too few and small to compare to the protests in oregon last month when dubya visited, and wait until you see the freak show in San Francisco later this month. These events get on mainstream news! I won't even try to regurgitate the comments from Democratic congressional leadership, who then turned around and voted for the resolution. I don't begrudge anti-war opinions - I'm not real keen on the whole thing myself - but the hypocracy of the left makes me ashamed to be a registered Dem.
  22. Info on a new AT ski set up

    I've got the 112s and love them for their float but on groomers I sometimes I wish I had a little more carvability like the 110s would probably provide. Some interesting comments on boot/binding setups here. http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=000525
  23. Att'n: Greg W, Caveman, Trask et. al.

    No sh!t, Clinton bombed and invaded more countries than I can even keep track of and nary a wimper from the left. I guess it's OK when you're doing it to hide the intern under your desk.
  24. Climbing in Hetch Hetchy?

    quote: That said, I'm more than a little sick of San Francisco's (and the rest of the fucking Bay Area) hypocritical bullshit with regards to this. Were all for inconveniencing everyone else in the world regards to the environment, but when it comes to us, no way we'll even look at doing anything differently. They should at least consider alternatives.So true, so true...