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The Debate


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McCain's defeat is pretty much a done deal at this point. If you go swing state by swing state, all the trends (new voter registration, simultaneous register/vote, number of campaign offices and 'boots on the ground', money, ads, polls) point to Obama.


The question now is;


What's John going to say when some network news channel announces his defeat?


We can be certain that it will be quotable and probably worthy of some network censor's bleeping.

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Yeah, honor is an issue. McCain's so honorable he cant shut the fuck up about it. I used to have a great deal of respect for this guy and thought that his service and sacrifices would continue to speak for themselves, but he couldnt let em. Now I think the guy is a self-promoting slime bag.

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Why didn't Obama explain the reason he reneged on his personal pledge to accept public campaign financing?


How about calling up your new poster boy Stephen Harper, and asking him about some of his pledges? Start with his position on taxing income trusts; then maybe see how he feels about prime ministers playing manipulative games with election timing rather than, say, setting fixed dates for elections and sticking to them? Ask him how he feels about prime ministers offering high profile opposition MPs inducements to cross the floor - in exchange for cabinet posts, particularly. He feels really strongly about that one, or at least he did, for a short time. In fact, your new poster boy is a two-faced, lying hypocrite who never met a principle he wouldn't discard in a heartbeat in favour of blatant expediency.


But then, two-faced, lying hypocrites will always get a free pass from you, as long as their biographies identify them as "conservative" two-faced, lying hypocrites, won't they?

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Honor is an issue. You should understand this.


Honor is fucking another women, then dumping your wife for the rich bitch? Or is that making others take your shit for you at the Naval Academy? Pulling the daddies the boss strings?


Oh, yeah, McCain can't do that.


Your right. Honor is none of those things. Neither is it going back on campaign promises before you are even elected. There is only one thing in either of these candidates that tells me anything at all about their character at all: Spending 5 years in a POW prison without losing honor. Other than that, these are just two politicians wrestling for a seat in the oval office and a slice of history.

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