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  1. Still full of shit, good to see things never change http://www.alanarnette.com/blog/2013/04/29/everest-2013-everest-armistice/
  2. The screwin canisters are pretty easy to find in france (nor really most any popular mountain destination in the world) and flying with a stove in checked bag isn't a problem at all so whatever the screwin stove of your persuasion is. On the small/light/cheap front a Pocket Rocket or a Snowpeak Gigapower
  3. http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/04/25/millionaires-clash-over-socialites-child-support-claims/
  4. if those sandniggers had clusterfuck photos more americans would be alive
  5. ohhhh what has the evil moderator cabal been up to yet? Are they responsible for the fall of the Euro?
  6. damn, those look sweet. thanks sobo. stay safe and rock on. oh, and I hope you get some beer with booze
  7. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/may/24/mountaineer-joe-simpson-twitter-row Even the most successful authors have to suffer the occasional fit of spite from critics and readers. Few, however, have to contend with the twin indignities of being branded a "crevasse wanker" and having their accounts of preternatural mountain endurance rubbished by sulky teens. Fortunately, as befits a man who has outshuffled the Grim Reaper in both the Andes and the Himalayas – and who chose an automated alcohol dispenser as his luxury on Desert Island Discs so that he could drink himself to death rather than endure a protracted insular exile – Joe Simpson is not the sort to sulk. Best though is from his twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/touchingthevoidhttp://twitter.com/#!/touchingthevoid
  8. [video:youtube] clamp down!
  9. That's a mighty big "if" just like the data mining "if" which is a fair bit off I think. The bigger conversion issue is going between Facebook content and business content. Example: an Irish packaging company found their facebook participation didn't return shit compared to Google - which makes sense because you Google shit to research it. Facebooks ads aren't relative without some deep knowledge of the Social Graph and then how do you market it? They won't immediately go away but for them to be an advertising superpower they have to have a more subtle understanding of the customer than Google and be able to succesfully market it which takes some big thinking. Myspace had 1/4 the users. Why isn't that valid? Shit, I wish I had those hotsluts friending me.
  10. The only border crossings in the world I've been accosted, detained and aggressively searched by asshats are 1) China 2) Canada. If I didn't know better I'd think the Canadian cunts were looking for bribes. Favorite bit was when, while going through my wallet and looking at the ATM card and Credit Cards the asshat asked me why I only had $5 in cash when coming to Canada. I didn't say out loud "you have ATMs in this 3rd world shithole, don't you?"
  11. Grad school slave labor isn't free.... oh, wait, it is. Nevermind. The palaces for research professors that rarely teach don't come teach. Same for the advisors and everyone else.
  12. Hugh Conway


    I can't be a true fag fest without Mark.
  13. Hugh Conway


    like saying you got the biggest cock in china though? err, no, montreal had some serious talent last time I rolled through. pm porter regarding the cock size in china
  14. You mean like Teddy Bear Paradise? http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/ci_20310271/teddy-bear-paradise-arrested-santa-cruz-federal-warrant
  15. Hugh Conway


    Go to the stripclubs. Best titties in Canada
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