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  1. Miss you bud. I was out cragging yesterday, you're name came up, and my partner and I had a good laugh when I told them about this trip report.
  2. Sick climber, great pics, and a badass trip...nice job bro!
  3. I left my wallet at ex38 around easy street last Saturday...if you come across and I could meet you to pick it up that would be awesome. Theres not a lot of money in it but I'm taking my driving test on Wednesday and need my permit. Thanks guys
  4. Wow I've been looking for tr's on this wall forever...keep 'em coming!
  5. your mom's online right now looking for 13 yr old boys believe me its 16yo boys....
  6. I haven't really found a clear answer online
  7. What was Somalia like after US occupation in 1993? Was the genocide (or whatever its officially referred to as nowadays) over, slowed, or about the same? Who was in power? Were the people happy in general? How do you think it would have been if the US would not have intervened? This is for an essay I'm writing btw... Thanks
  8. Okay so apparently in the Koran Muslims don't eat pigs because the find the the "swine unclean" not because they are viewed sacred or something like that. Oh well it was a thought...
  9. Okay so this is a random thought on stopping extremist-islamic terrorism...why not just put a pig on every flight worldwide and every bus in Israel? I mean Muslims aren't allowed to eat pork right? Maybe they'll think twice before they blow it to kingdom come...
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