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  1. Your best photos. Lets see 'em

    Napali Coastline, Kauai? From the Hanakapi'ai trail, no less.
  2. Obama is #1!

    This is all Bush's legacy. Dont be an idiot and think otherwise. All spending by the current admin has been in an effort to clean up that asshole's messes.

    yep. he's smugglin a roll of dimes alright.
  4. 9.5% Unemployment. Well Done, Obama.

    ..and neither do you, apparently. Did you already forget about the fucked up administration that set all this in motion? I'm trying real hard to, but it seems the republiturds choose to ignore the past 8 yrs in favor of bashing a guy who has just gotten started. Idiots, all of you!
  5. MAKE IT STOPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah, a buddy of mine had a quarter slide down into his leg cast that he didnt know about until they cut the cast off and then surgically debride the coin from his flesh It was all growing shit on it, and stuff. Careful with your loose change! Are you sure you didnt drop something down in there?
  6. California or Mexico?

    I would start the interest accumulating on the refund as well, then deduct that from next years taxes owed. Id set a reasonable rate
  7. Does Hugh need help?

    Why does it feel like this thread is quickly converging on the -"Shoot the Nig" Asshole arrested- thread?
  8. Bad day on the lift at Vail

    Talk about shrinkage!
  9. Marblemount

    I worked for Baker River IHC for several seasons. There is a guard station that is inhabited year round, its a bit shy of Baker Lake, but I know its drivable in all but the worst (or best!) of conditions. There are private residences almost to the county line (Skagit/Whatcom) and I know a few of the locals push out the road a bit with blades attached to their pickups.
  10. I find that the neoprene sleeves dont work anyway, unless you plan to spend a brief amount of time out in sub 0 weather, like going for a short run or the likes. Unless you're packing your bladder in a large pack, sometimes a smaller tech pack can fit somewhat comfortably under your parka.
  11. here is one

    synchronicity (seemingly meaningful coincidence between unrelated events)? Not to mention a badass album by The Police, eh
  12. Bristol and baby

    Bonus Question: Who said “For $150,000, you’d think she’d get better shoes.” ? Who is Pope Benedict?
  13. UTTER BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so i gotta throw $2000 worth of ammo away because people are idiots. lets search everyone who walk down to beacon because some of us aren't smart enough to be incognito. Um. You're the dumbass who spent 2-grand on ammo. Why in the hell would you need to buy that much ammo?
  14. where are you from?

    Oklahoma Enterprise Concrete Seattle Bend Chelan Bellingham Seattle Bend
  15. Nice picture

    The swell's big enough for Laird, but isnt the hair a bit dark?