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  1. Coakley

    Oh hi! More serious political insight from a fella who was remarkably silent after Phailin helped lose Doug Hoffman's seat in New York.
  2. Coakley

    Lars was remarkably silent when caribou barbie campaigned for Doug Hoffman in New York, and the Angry Confused White Party lost a seat they'd held since the Civil War.
  3. what will the angry right do with their mandate?

    More of the same; it's all they've got.
  4. Change I CAN Believe in!

    People who believe it when they're told President Obama is a radical leftist are like adorable little kittens.
  5. Obama Haiti Speech

    Did you spell it wrong to add an ironic twist to an otherwise redundant post or are you just showing off again? FIFY
  6. Palin on FOX

    That poor fellow Beck seems to be a few sheets shy of a Klan rally.
  7. BODE!!!!

    The slalom runs are on universal sports right now.
  8. O.B.A.M.A.

    Damn! If only Grandpa and Mooseburgers were in charge...
  9. Obama Haiti Speech

    You forgot to add some 1s at the end. Oh man, its so funny when you do that!
  10. Palin on FOX

    Today Beck asked Buttercup to name her favorite founding father and after a pregnant pause she replied... "You know, well, all of them" Damn liberal media!
  11. haiti

    As per usual, Pat Robertson sees the big picture... [video:youtube]f5TE99sAbwM [spoiler: he did it! ---> ]
  12. Palin on FOX

    A scripted, edited show with yes-men at her side... how can Buttercup possibly fail?
  13. Why are pitbulls so mean and stupid?

  14. I have seen God

  15. Well Done CC.Com Druggies

    Someone got another email from Grandma.