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  1. Yeah, I did a bit of climbing there. On the main island, Mahe, there is so much moisture and moss on everything you cannot really climb anything. We tried some extremely "sporty" adventure climbing on some really nice looking lines but it was so wet and insecure that I almost had to change my pants. Now there is some organized climbing on one of the other islands Prasline which sees enough traffic to keep it relatively clean but it is for the most part only really accessible with one of the "guide services." When you get off the plane, and look at all the pristine black granite coming up out of the ocean, you think that it is like some closely guarded rock climbing paradise. Unfortunately, it is really difficult to climb; especially in an adventurous manner there. When I get back to the states, I will post some pictures of the rock and my failed attempt. Also, if you are going there, sumitting the highest mountain on the island is also a really fun adventurous hike. It follows some weird drainage system and sometimes you think you are just walking into the jungle but it is right up ahead and the summit is adorned with a large metal cross.
  2. Perhaps if people used the anterior cingulate cortex, we would be much better off. I suppose the status-quo of either using baseless emotion or anger/fear is here to stay; as is evidenced by the lengthy circle jerks I see on my now quarterly forays into this website.
  3. Classy, utilize a horrible tragedy as a political tool; despite the fact that you know nothing about the manner in which this individual obtained his firearms. How did I know I would find this filth on this website? You too Rob. Classless. You're right, after a tragedy like this is no time to discuss gun control. Lol! Tool. Do you actually believe the shit that come out of your mouth? Cause I sure don't. Let me guess, fuck me in my ass, right? I guess that is your prerogative. You can call me a tool all you want but you are being classless and I think you know it. I'm done here.
  4. Classy, utilize a horrible tragedy as a political tool; despite the fact that you know nothing about the manner in which this individual obtained his firearms. How did I know I would find this filth on this website? You too Rob. Classless.
  5. I would retire QDs before 10 years (manufacturer's wear-out is considerably less) I really like the 'wires too. They are beefy enough to give yo ua little extra reach on clips, they are durable feeling(if that makes sense) and they are really awesome looking if you have 10-12 racked on your harness. I know it shouldn't matter, but I think looks matter sometimes...
  6. Well Water, first, fuck you. Second, he clearly didn't know how to operate said compass. Oh, and third, fuck the FB spraying poser who can't get his able bodied ass off a mountain. I got my ass of a mountain with a 7.62 round in my leg and a shattered tibia. What's his excuse again?
  7. No shit. This doesn't mean that this man's actions are not horrendously dangerous both to himself and the potential rescuers. Only one person here said that he should be left to die. GKK. I have gotten dumber people; one who used their S.P.O.T. to get rescuers to come because their water tasted "funny." Had to hike out to a person on a peak 1.2k away who I could see with my naked eyes on the summit while I was talking to him on the phone (and I was in a 100ftx40ft paved parking lot. I am not saying to let him die, but merely that their actions should be borderline criminal (or at least costly) in their negligence and their potential for harm to others.
  8. How many SAR *volunteers* "need" to save. If volunteers are willing to help out folks who get in trouble, then what basis are you using to complain about their risking their lives? It's their business, not yours. Since I am a SAR tech, I suppose it IS my business. SAR techs are told where to go by Incident Commanders; especially in this type of rescue. There are very few SAR techs that are even really true 'volunteers' anymore. True, on a large non-technical rescue, you have volunteers to cover large areas, but in most cases, the rescuers are Parks Service Employees, DOI employees, contracted air assets or military service members; particularly National Guard. Think of it this way. Would you, as an Incident Commander really want a whole bunch of people who you did not know the capabilities of running around on a hill during a rescue who could become an incident within an incident by becoming injured or lost or incorrectly rigging a patient on a litter? No way. Last guy I know that died on a SAR was Nick Hall. Park Service employee and I remember at least 6 off the top of my head and none of them were volunteers.
  9. my bad. lil' tired over here.
  10. Actually, it is quite the opposite. It is gospel that you are MORE important than your victim. The premise is that you cannot save the patient/victim if you are dead and creating another casualty will complicate the incident and risk the lives of more SAR techs. Now, if this practice is treally applied as it should is up for grabs but this is the doctrine of EVERY SAR group I have worked with and the new National Course taught by the Parks Service.
  11. If you "save" 1 in 20, yes that "sounds good" but how many of those people really need saving if they are unable to orient themselves in the same weather that you are sending rescuers up in?
  12. So, if he already wasn't going to graduate, then how did he resign? Doesn't this seem like quitting after being fired? Sounds like he was pissed off about getting shit-canned and made up a political ploy. Oh and Tvash, he 'almost' achieved something I haven't done. He will never accomplish what I have and even if he DID graduate, I would still have more education than he. I suppose he will get a book deal out of it but if your dignity is that cheap, what do you really have to be proud of?
  13. The thing is, it almost always is the SAR boys that want to go no matter what. It is usually the Incident Commander that pulls the plug because there is a 10% change of snow above 10,000 ft.
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