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  1. Splittists!

    What's puzzling here is your question...
  2. One fix for seattle needed

    You can touch it too..if you want.
  3. Heck Yeah! Mariners 2014!

  4. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Then again, this was published in the Nation so it must be a libtard conspiracy...
  5. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    I'm glad Rachael Maddow could bring y'all together. Now STFU!!
  6. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    It's not that I mind you returning the favor, I just wish you were better at it. "Constant attacks on my intellect". LMFAO! It's exactly those kinds of statements that make you irresistible.
  7. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    I said your scientific findings refuting the Oklahoma USGS earthquake data would be published in the journal, Dumbass. When can the world expect to see that again?
  8. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    I think for professional conservatives, it's about introducing a enough of a measure of reasonable doubt in the public's mind through obfuscation and messenger assassination to squeeze a leeetle bit more money out of whatever it is coming under attack. For a hobbyist like FW? No idea, but I know I'd be getting paid for these displays.
  9. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    I think I watched the Rachael Maddow show once in a hotel room with limited channels in 2009. Media Literacy Quiztime!: Exactly what role did the Rachael Maddow Show play in the originally posted article. Then go back and read this excruciating thread. Winner gets a peek into how conservative denialism works!
  10. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Is your attempted face-saving show over now?
  11. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-20/pussy-riot-members-say-they-were-beaten-and-whipped-in-sochi/5271378 Oh, and poisoning stray dogs, displacing residents, police state security tactics, and giving Putin a political victory despite Syria, etc, etc, etc. The Games are a sham, a real-estate boondoggle for land speculators and contractors. I'm done.
  12. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Looking forward to your rebuttal of the works and scientists quoted and cited in the article. Remember, your own original research only!
  13. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    So it's the concept of journalism you have a problem with now?
  14. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Can't wait for your own data on Oklahoma earthquakes to come out in the journal: Dumbass.
  15. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    So, the data that makes up the infographic is in question? The number and frequency of earthquakes in Oklahoma from 2009-2014 sourced from the USGS? Is that where you're going?
  16. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    "It" was this (your quote, btw): The infographic, you know, the one quoted in the piece, the one that doesn't say anything about fracking? Yeah, at the bottom it's credited to the Oklahoma USGS. Really, is this how you plan on spending the rest of your life? As a buffoon?
  17. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Go back in your hole before you embarrass yourself further.
  18. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Next on Rachael Maddow Show: "Gravity!" EEEEKK!!
  19. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Reading: it's FUN-damental! From the article: Scientists have drawn links between earthquakes and wastewater injection wells used for oil and gas production, including fracking. Researchers say the toxic wastewater, stored thousands of feet underground, reducing friction along fault lines, which can trigger earthquakes. The ongoing fracking boom has led to a growth in national demand for disposal wells, according to Bloomberg. Nicholas van der Elst, a post-doctorate research fellow at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, says the “most reasonable hypothesis” to explain Oklahoma’s spike in earthquakes is they’ve been triggered by injection wells used for oil and gas production. “The burden of proof is on well operators to prove that the earthquakes are not caused by their wells,” van der Elst told The Nation. A 2011 study, published in the journal Geology, found that liquid injection triggered a sequence of earthquakes in Oklahoma, including the largest quake ever recorded in the state, which injured two people and destroyed fourteen homes. StateImpact reports that Oklahoma is home to more than 4,400 disposal wells. (The website is a great resource on this issue.) Researchers have also found connections between injection wells and earthquakes in Arkansas, Colorado, Texas and Ohio. The science linking quakes to disposal wells has led some states to take action. In 2011, Arkansas banned the use of drilling wells in a 1,550-square mile region because of earthquakes. Ohio banned the use of disposal wells near fault lines altogether. Most recently, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback commissioned a task force to study the link between earthquakes and drilling activity.
  20. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Actually the US Geological Survey said it, but don't let science get in the way! Oh, that's right, you never do...
  21. Welcome to the Anthropocene

    It's all good, FW steadfastly refuses to live in areas of the country putting his ideology into action. He's much safer and happier reaping the benefits of living under the tyranny of Washington's progressives--oops, I meant Socialists.
  22. Fuck Sochi, fuck the IOC, and fuck Russia

    It's a potential PR snafu, duh!
  23. 1% WTF

    Bah, everybody knows the real party happens at work...
  24. 1% WTF

    What's the point of raping the planet if you can't wear jeweled slippers bedazzled with esoteric symbols?
  25. One fix for seattle needed

    Should be replaced with this: