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  1. Haha Wayne, nice innuendo! I said it at the time, and I'll say it again in public - that was really, really fun - I think I am ready to re-embrace ice climbing (but only on non-epic powder days)! The turns at Stevens weren't as much fun as climbing this - thanks again, Doug, for a great day out! Best date of 2014 so far! But our BC ski trip next week is probably gonna blow it outta the water!
  2. Nice climbing AND nice trip report. Your beautiful photos made me wish I were a better ice/mixed climber, so that I, too, could experience what you did. Lucky ducks! Keep up with the inspiring posts, thanks!
  3. Hi, it's me again. I couldn't remember my username, so I posted using my old username -- which isn't my real name -- but this is my real name and I think it is oh-so-much cooler to use your real name than to hide behind a fake name, so I'm glad I found myself -- thank you to Google search for helping me in my quest! Now I know I have no underlines, squiggles, dashes, hyphens, or capitals in my name!
  4. Wow, what a super cute and happy baby! I'm jealous, I wish my parents would have taken me ice climbing!
  5. I do! I do! Looking for others who feel the love and want to toprope out there on dry Tuesday and Thursday nights. No whining allowed about dirt, poison oak, traffic noise, trash, or lurkers. I can meet at 4pm or later. If you're interested, PM me. It will be fun!
  6. Well worth the change of plans. I never knew Nason Ridge had such fabulous views. Glad I wasn't with you for the five hour slogfest out!
  7. Nice job Marcus on your climbs! Nate and I tried to get out today. The windy drizzle didn't deter us but the multi-car smashup we witnessed on I-84 just before Crown Jewel did. Rain freezing as it hit the pavement caused about eight or nine cars to hit the median at 60 mph and spin off the road, all in the same spot -- there was a curve. We narrowly missed being hit by the first vehicle as it spun straight at us then off the freeway. The careening cars were actually bouncing off each other on the shoulder like pool balls. It was like being in an action flick only the sparks and squealing tires were real and right in front of us. Physics in action. People were shaken and vehicles damaged, but no one was seriously hurt. We stayed to help, then once the troopers and EMT's arrived, we skipped the ice and headed home before the road got worse. It's closed now. I am jealous of ALL who got some!
  8. Thanks for telling us about it. I'm still sad that it's not snowing, but starting to feel better knowing there's ice. Hafta find my own flow since probably all of cc.com will be on yours -- it looks pretty fun and a great early season warmup!!
  9. You guys inspire me to get out and with awe...all your TRs are so rad!
  10. Ha ha, well prudence would also dictate not doing scary things where you could die, so clearly the prudence gene missed me. But that's ok because if I exhibited "prudence" that would make me a prude. And nobody likes a prude.
  11. John, that looks so completely beautiful and awesome. I am inspired. Adding Alaska to my dreams list. ps. You ski now???
  12. Hey, it was fun to meet a few of you and get some faces to put to names. Glad you got good weather on Sunday, we got some nice turns down further south, too. I'll have to try to make it back again next year!
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