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Friction is stranger than truth


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"No fucking way, I've wanted to fucking lead this goddamn climb for fucking forever! What the fuck do you think I am, some sort of fucking incompetent?! If you ever again try to take one of my fucking leads on this fucking climb I will take this fucking knife (brandishing his Swiss Army knife), saw your fucking ears off, then cut you loose to plummet to your death you fucking miserable condescending piece of shit!!!!!!"


Funny thing, Captain Caveman always sounded like such a competent climber on cc.com. At least he accurately represents his personality, if not, apparently, his climbing prowess.


I was thinking the exact same thing.

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Anyone know what Tricky is up to?


Last I heard from the former roommate was he'd settled into his eco-friendly cabin in Twisp with his puppy and had even found a dreaded 'job' thereabouts... And that he was climbing like a fiend at WA Pass. Given his lack of TR's lately he unfortunately doesn't appear to have regular internet access, or 'Elmer' finally tracked him down...

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That might be true, hmmm let me see, click on link that says search, then type in word, what comes next?


Tricky's story has been linked sooo many times you don't even need to know how to search. About once or twice a week someone posts a link.


Shouldn't you be searching for that next story about how George W. is secretly planning on harnessing the power of rock glaciers to push the northren border up to Edmonton. That way Alberta can become the 51st state with Calgary as the Capital. He can then delist spotted owls cause of all of the ones in New British Columbia, the 52nd state.

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I keep looking for the "Elmer speculation thread". You know, who Elmer really is. There is some obvious exaggeration, yet we seem to believe the story to be true.


However, where is the speculation thread. "Who's Elmer"? Is it too later for the speculation to start now ?


[font:Microsoft Sans Serif]I'll start, could it be.........shhhhhh, G-spotter??! [/font]

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