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  1. Ever consider posting pics? It would add a little falvor to yout TR's.
  2. As is often the case I have mixed feeling on the subject. I can say with confidence that I would be more likely to climb the route if a couple bolts and some rap anchors were added. What can I say, I'm a wuss.
  3. I talked to Bill Sumner who made the FA of this route in the 60's. He said the ledge difinitly exists but he can't point it out. It seems that the 40 plus years years that have passed since the ascent have lessened the clarity of his memory.
  4. It sounds to me like you are progressing well but the two routes you mentioned below are hard for the grade so don't let them discourage you too much. Libra Crack-deifinitely a sandbag if your short or try to jam it the entire way is as very tough. As someone mentioned earlier get creative with your stemming and get as high as possible that way you only have 1 or 2 thin jams before things get solid. P1 or Aries. The top is a little wide and akward. I kneebar with my right leg, place a #3 camalot in so I am effectively on TR, and and then get a fistjam in and commit. It will be a litte scary because you have to swing left a bit to weight your jam but just go for it. Also, try TRing Blockbuster (the short 5.9+ splitting the boulder above Stcle Crack and left or Aries P2). It is wide and akward but a good spot to try some commiting moves in a wide crack.
  5. REI makes a Nodder. http://www.rei.com/product/795048
  6. I'd love to hit Index tomorrow but I'm more of a crappy 5.10 guy at Index. I'll be happy to belay and buy the beer if that works for you.
  7. Seems like there are noe three guys from B-ham that should go climbing together.
  8. Hi Pete, I'm in the Seattle area so B-ham is a little far away for a regular partner. I'll keep you in mind though.
  9. Due to some recent events I find myself in need of a regular climbing parner. I am primarily interested in trad and alpine but I do boulder/gym/sport climb too. I've been climbing for 10+ years and am solid leader at 5.9 trad and 10- sport (looking to push these up a notch or two this year). I've climbed in the Tetons, Colorado, Yosemite, etc. over the years. My favorite local spots are Leavenworth, Index and Squamish. If interested PM me.
  10. My climbing is getting worse. Not a good trend, but a trend none the less.
  11. Any updates on when this will be out? This spring maybe?
  12. Best CC.com TR ever! I was only there once, this makes me want to go back in a big way.
  13. If you head to Smith sometime drop me a line.
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