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  1. I love the online search. It'd be nice if "sort by date" could be reversed so that the most recent climbs show up first though. Jordop, how do you get this CD? The AAJ's site on the journal says "go buy the journal somewhere in store" basically. So, how does this work? drC
  2. I absolutely am interested in skiing the Haute Route. I've been wanting to ski it for a few years now and potential partners have always been bailing. It would be nice to meet and ski. All this rain pouring this morning is making me hoping for early snow... And speaking of the Haute Route, this made me dream yesterday: patrouille des glaciers 2007. Two years before the next one... drC
  3. It's been a year since I've had a pretty nice wrist surgery, misplaced my rock shoes, started drinking cosmos... OMG. Yes I've been away. You guys are still having drinks on a regular basis? I'd love to come and reconnect. Oh and the climb was fun. And the trail heinous. Especially on the way back, of course (and that descent through steep and sh** ty scree instead of the normal way didn't help). drC
  4. Hi, Has anyone recent beta on Observation Rock, approach and climb? We're going to climb it this weekend and would appreciate any up to date information. Thanks! drC
  5. Hi there, Looks like my question is timely with that video of philfort skiing Baker a few days ago... I am looking for some beta on the conditions on Baker which I'd like to skin / climb to summit and ski next Saturday. I am also looking for partners for this potentially. What is promising on Baker right now? Thanks! drC
  6. Thanks. Any rock climbing expected for that other route? I have an arm in a cast...
  7. Hi, Some friends and I are considering climbing Mt Olympus during Labor Day weekend. We've heard concerns that the bergschrund might be uncrossable at this time of the year. Does anyone here have recent beta? Thanks! drC
  8. I have my kids that weekend. If it's one week early, I'd be interested for sure. drC
  9. They do. And they're going to be returned tomorrow.
  10. Hi, I managed to order and end up with two pairs of Dynafit TLT Comfort bindings when needing only one (tried from two places and couldn't cancel a shipment in time when the other shipped). I can return the bindings, or I can let someone have them for the price I paid, i.e. ~20% off. So, for sale: brand new 2005-2006 Dynafit TLT Comfort binding, $290. Retails for $350 or more and is out of stock for the season. Local sales only (Redmond/Bellevue/Seattle). PM me if interested or send me an email at alpine duht crash at gmail dot comm. drC
  11. French press. Or the second espresso maker you showed because it will contain the coffee (it's not really espresso) as it percolates.
  12. Yes, everybody's different. But at least the baseline would be standard and would help. If I sleep 10 degrees colder than someone else, then I can take that info and apply it to any bag rated using the same standard. I mean, your car has MPG ratings for city and highway, but if you're lead footed, none of these will apply; still when shopping for a car it's a good measure of fuel efficiency. RE: Valandré, I know about them but never think of them; I am sure that if I had started mountaineering while in France rather than here they'd be high on my list. Hey, I could make a chauvinist buy with them :-P. drC
  13. Well maybe you down bags guys could adopt a standard regardless of what the flannel bags guys do. Any decent standard and certification by an independent lab would work. Pick a CE standard and keep it as is or improve it, whatever, but market the bags as being tested. A smart consumer will notice and buy rated bags. I know people in the USA do not care much (I mean consumer in general). But where I come from we do, and I remember a <US name withheld> 0 degree bag bung tested at more than 15 and that is simply not acceptable. flow does FF establish its ratings? Have you done lab tests to get numbers like Monbell's or what the CE does, or are you being conservative enough as to not risk to disappoint a consumer? It'd be interesting to know your approach. YA And yes you guys have a stellar reputation. Not part of my equation at the moment but probably some day.
  14. I have a WM vest that I Lou; for bags I'd like to stay with the 3 brands I mentioned for cost reasons.The Montbell are 725 fill which surprised me a bit when 850/900 can be found be hey... Do their fill weight sound good? (Again I don't know shit about that stuff.)
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