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What's the best piece of gear you own?


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Originally posted by al:
Its the piece of gear you need, when you need it. Not your "favorite", left back at the car.

Its pretty much the gear I need when I need it that happens to be also my favorite and I’ll be domed If I left it in the car [Moon]

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Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah [sleep]

Yes I Like my #2 Camalot and my ice tool and my Lowe xxxx and my Patagonia whatchamacallit and my marmot underwear but....

Lets define "the best"...

It should be useful for several different things and on all types of climbing trips.

It should be light weight.

It should be cheap.

It should be availible in non-speciality stores.

And it should make your climbing experience more enjoyable, more comfortable and easier.

It is clear that my favorite piece of gear is a " zip lock bag"

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My kudo's go to Bonatti key lock biners. They are quick clips for those manky 1/4 antique bolts still found out there in the desert SW and other remote areas. Modern biners have too big of a lip flare to go through easily. They also double as my racking biners for wired nuts. Without the notch, the wires come off easily. Downside is that they flex a lot when bounce testing a piece...

CRAZY CREEK CHAIR! It absoloutly rocks On multiday NW or AK alpine climbs. storm bound in a tent or cooking it's the ultimate luxury piece. It doubles as my sleeping pad in the summer. On snow, I use it in conjunction with a 3/4 ultralight thermorest for the above the waist insulation/padding and lay out the flattened Crazy Creek for foot/thigh insulation. Placed against my back inside a pack or haul bag, alleviates lacerated kidneys from pins and cams. Adds support/padding in my Sea Kayak after the salt water has me a bit chafed.

Patagucci Puffball. Lighter, warmer and WAAY more compressible than fleece, Great windshirt, quick drying. Not recommended for chimneys.

Last and not least, my REI handkerchief with pictures of knots on it. Entertaining instruction when tentbound. Snot rag, tourniquet, pot holder, do rag, shoulder padding against straps, neck protection against the sun, washcloth, gag for unusually chatty partners...

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blue, yellow, and orange tcu's. Don't these guys just make you thikn of soaring finger cracks that suck up our fingers like that cute 18 y... woops.

I like tcu's.

speaking of cheap/light/versitile: I like my sneakers. They're comfy and eat shit non-stop.


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it'd be a hard decision between:

my first-generation Chouinard alpine hammer - filed to only three teeth now (originally 5) still my favortite 3rd tool - received as a birthday present in 1972


60-cm Forrest verglas ice-axe, vintage 1980, absolutely indestructible, and reasonably functional up to about WI4.


the $5 baseball pants I bought at a Tacoma goodwill back in 1985 - heavy knit knicker length, double knee, stretch, synthetic (so don't absorb water) - they look silly as hell, but they've outperformed everything else I've come near (have yet to try Schoeller). wish I knew what the fabric was, and who made 'em!

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I'd have to agree with the Ziploc baggy/stash bag.

Also, props to:

-#2 camalot-black, red four cam units-Marmot Windshirt--works anywhere for any layer-Makalu boots-mythos rock shoes-wiregate omegalite biners-Patagonia R2 fleece-quality DOWN bags-MSR XGK stove--overhauled a zillion times, always fixable in the field

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Originally posted by sisu suomi:
My John Thomas.
grin.gif" border="0

Is this one of those smoldering white gas hand warmers? I've described this to many lower-48 gear store lackies, only to be told "that sounds crazy. No one makes such a thing!" dumbass!

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