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  1. Boycott Kellogg's

    First let me say I don’t even smoke any more, mostly because of random drug testing at work, when I first stopped smoking I turned to alcohol and it devastated my life for awhile, not like the sweet herb, hey I do miss it, but as an adult you have to make some life decisions that are hard to take, a man has gotta work. Michael Phelps did nothing wrong, would he be dumped if he was taking a swig off a bottle? Wake up pot isn’t a hard drug like meth or junk or even the legal drug alcohol; he was just a kid having a good time He is a great athlete and has not used steroids to enhance his performance to cheat his way to success he did not lie about the bong like some athletes that cheated there way to success with steroids, so to me he has more integrity than those athletes or the fat cats at Kellogg’s that are making decisions because of money so let’s send them a message freedom comes before money Boycott Kellogg’s
  2. Bongs, pipes or joints.......

    In the days of old, I use to get off work from a day of hard labor and smoke a doob of dakind, munch out and have sweet dreams Now due to random drug testing I drink alcohol, that is a way worse drug than pot ever thought of being, I have insomnia wake up quezzy and out of balance and the worse part is I have old geezer thoughts ..It’s like I am in Raindawgs head Oh how I miss the sweet leaf !!!! The doob is old skool and is like the crack climbing of the sweet herb....roll another one just like the other one
  3. Bongs, pipes or joints.......

    The Man made me give it it up but we all know the doob is old skool and the only way to do DAKIND
  4. Mary Jane

    what did they think would happen when they gave a mind altering drug to someone with a mental problem? MJ is not for everyone but freedom to choose should be.Anyone with a brain knows it is safer than that is why it is decrimalized in king co...shit it is very rare that I even smoke anymore with like 4 random drug test last year for work it's just not worth the chance,I do miss it.... and how it turned me into a crazed maniac Now that I drink the legal drug I think it is way worse for me.
  5. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Today is the best day of the year...I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints I can't stop :lmao: I think I have overdosed my lungs need pumped!!!
  6. Stealing fixed draws

    I think everyone needs to smoke a big fatty and chill....my god your talking about a couple manky draws left at a choss pile climbing area!!! BTW I am glad to be apart of the spray around here, we all know we would have a life if not for spraying on this site
  7. Smoking pot and climbing thread

    A long lost shared avatar has rizzen from the deep abyss of cyber space! Any old users or new ones that want to get into the game drop me a PM.
  8. random drug tests

    I think they otta get a rope and hang those dope smok'n hippys Just because the constitution gives you rights as a free citizen doesen't mean the constitution is more powerfull than insurance companys. [ 10-24-2002, 08:34 PM: Message edited by: Smoky Mcpot ]
  9. Hot Over Rocks

    Smoky Lives but has been lost in the world of DaKine He lurks for threads of Damuirkine
  10. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Trask: bohica so that is bend over here it comes what does the (a)stand for? is this what the (a) stands for? There is a new smokr in town! [ 03-18-2002: Message edited by: Smoky Mcpot ]
  11. Smoky Mcpot

    Anyone wanting The avatar Smoky Mcpot send me a PM, must be used traditionally. A few words that I know you will do him justice. Don't bogart that avatar my friend
  12. The Dude is in a koma

    The dude Lucky after being bed ridden for days with the Flu was overwhelmed by cerebral pressure of an enclosed environment and a spraywar, turned a big fatty on several friends and wasted them, he than turned the big fatty on himself. He is now in a komatose state and Doctor feelgoood doesn't know if he can bring him back. In case of fatality services will be held at sunshinewall, please bring flower arrangements of the Da Kind. Save mother earth commit suscide with a big fatty
  13. 420

    420 now that is a nice even number. Its only 3:30 less than an hour to go , should I wait ,NOT
  14. 1

    13=M=Maryjane 4.20= calf peanal coad for poss of maryjane 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 at 4:20 4:20 4:20 4:20 Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. foiled at follsil

    Fossil may be a little on the choss side ( the huge protruding holds)but the view of Rainer is killer the approach is like cross traning and the area has the feel of Hobbit habitat. YODA hangs at Fossil