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  1. Bump and price reduction. These are still available. $150?
  2. Bump. I have skins to go with them too.
  3. Still available. These are size small. They fit up too at least a size 43 boot.
  4. For sale: $200 obo Approach ski setup Silvretta 500 "easy go" bindings Volkl mountain skis, 158cm These bindings are the only AT/randonee binding I am aware of that accept mountaineering boots. Ideal as an approach ski for mountaineering and ice climbing. Mounted on short skis for improved maneuverability. PM for details, questions, or to purchase. David
  5. I love my Alp40 - but I have the older model, I think it was just redesigned. No complaints a all, I would buy again and the hydration system that screw into a Nalgene is tops. I actually remove the system and use it in all my packs. Alp40 is ski-specific but I also use it for ice/alpine climbing day trips. It has 2 ice tool loops, and I added bungee to the front panel to hold crampons. It (the old version, at least) is basically a classic top loader with a shovel pocket on the front and a side "tube"'pocket that holds the shovel handle and a probe. I guess my only complaint is that the top lid is fixed, not removable.
  6. I use the same method as the video for taking them off, but it is not quite as smooth/quick (one motion) as shown. I seem to have more glue adhesion than does he, plus his skis seem a bit shorter relative to his height/arm length...
  7. Nice! Thanks for the beta, might head out there tomorrow.
  8. Thanks - picked up a pair of Primes at FF the other day. When I had called me they said they didn't have them, but the sales person had apparently mistook the model I referred to. Feels good, can't wait to ski!
  9. Anybody aware of any local shops carrying the new BD Prime AT boot (the high-end 3-buckle one)? The following shops I believe are carrying the Quadrant - 4 buckle version of same boot with stiffer liner - but not the Prime: -REI -Feathered Friends -Marmot Mountain I am in the market for the Prime - lighter and almost as stiff. Guidance would be appreciated. Cheers! BD Prime STOKE
  10. Nice TR and great climb, Terry! Glad to see you got the pictures uploaded finally...
  11. Thanks, guys! Good to meet you, too, Amar - let me know when/if you want to hook up to ski together some day! Nice photos on TAY!
  12. Trip: Rainier - Emmons Glacier (Ski Descent) Date: 7/6/2010 Trip Report: Not going to go into a lot of detail here - I skied the Emmons Glacier Route on Tuesday for my first ski descent of Rainier and also my first solo summit of Rainier. Spent the prior night at Schurman with a 30-deg bag and 9-oz bivvy sack. Overnight low on my watch thermo read 23-degF. Up at 5AM, left camp on skis/skins about 6AM with 2L water, some clothes, shovel, stove and food. Switched to boot crampons at 11k because it was too steep/icy for me to skin, even with ski crampons. Only a couple of minor crevasse issues in the 12-13k range. Summitted at 11AM and relaxed on the summit for about an hour, melting some additional water and hoping the snow conditions would soften. Started the ski descent at Noon. Conditions were firm up high - I think the freezing level was supposed to be around 13,000'. Frozen sastrugi made difficult ski conditions down to around 12k. Some of the best conditions on the upper mountain occured in a small gully between seracs/ice ridge that I had ascended, which was sheltered and therefore not wind-affected. Below 12k snow conditions improved and below 11k really nice spring corn was had. I arrived at Camp Schurman at 1PM. Packed up/melted more water until I ran out of fuel and skied the Interglacier from 2-3PM. I was happy to find that my legs were still feeling good and carrying my full pack didn't hinder the skiing pleasure on the Interglacier at all! Snow was good until about 7k at which point it got sloppy. Took off my skis at Glacier Basin and hoofed it down the makeshift trail back to the car at 4PM. All in all a great trip, although snow conditions could have been better up high (higher freezing level or later descent?). Proud to have completed my first solo/ski on Rainier! Pictures can be viewed here: Photos Gear Notes: Carried 2 ice screws and some makeshift etriers for self rescue in case of crevasse fall - not sure if that is the best method... otherwise, didn't take too much gear really. Approach Notes: Trail is bare below about 5,500' - new trail under construction but for now follow the makeshift trail developed after the flood.
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